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Drew & Johnny Knoxville

Johnny Knoxville Explains Why He Turned Down Saturday Night Live

"I was really honored," Johnny said.

Johnny Knoxville sits down with Drew to talk about getting an offer to be a castmember on Saturday N
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Johnny Knoxville

Drew Helps Johnny Knoxville Get Out Blood Stains | Stans for Stains

"A toothbrush is every stain removalist's best friend!"

Drew gets down and dirty with Johnny Knoxville to show him the best way to remove blood stains from
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Johnny Knoxville

Johnny Knoxville on How His Late Dad Helped Inspire His Prankster Lifestyle

"Sometimes I would just get a glass of water in the face!"

Johnny Knoxville talks to Drew about what it was like growing up with a prankster dad, and the diffi
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Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly Confesses Her Grammy Awards Ended Up at a Drug Store

The singer also talks about her role in the Sing movies!

Singer and author Tori Kelly sits down with Drew to talk about her career and Grammy wins, her "Sing
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Drew and Ross

HBO's "And Just Like That" Documentary Spills All | Drew's News

You know we can't get enough of them!

Drew and Ross Mathews are behind the desk to dish on some news headlines, like the documentary that
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Drew and nurse

Amazing "Drew-Gooder" Surprised with Incredible Vacation


The Drew Barrymore Show surprises one of our Drew-Gooders, Samii, with an amazing five-day vacation&
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Ross and Drew

Wallpaper is Going to Be Huge in 2022 | Drew's News

Dating is rough, but this is something else!

Ross Mathews tells Drew about the big news that wallpaper is continuing to grow in popularity in 202
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Drew and Ross Mathews Eat Jalapeño Peppers While Interviewing | Drewth or Dare

Ross was not ready...

Drew and Ross Mathews are in the "hot" seat after an audience member challenges them to eat jalapeño
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Coming Up on February 4, 2022 on Drew!

Johnny Knoxville is here!

“Jackass Forever” star Johnny Knoxville stops by to chat.   Then, singer Tori K
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