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Drew and Miles

5-Year-Old Musician Miles Bonham Creates an Amazing Original Tune for Drew

And his favorite subject is... music!

5-year-old "Miles Music Kid" is in our studio to talk to Drew about his love of music, and he even p
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Drew & Ross

Drew and Ross Mathews on Their Most Random Purchases Ever | Drewth or Dare

Drew owns a headdress and even she doesn't know why.

Drew and Ross Mathews are challenged to reveal the truth during "Drewth or Dare," admitting to each
Drew & Savannah Guthrie

Savannah Guthrie on Why She's Especially Excited for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games

All the details about what to expect in Beijing!

Savannah Guthrie talks about how excited she is for the winter games, her favorite event, and what t
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Savannah Guthrie

Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay, Anne Burrell, & Geoffrey Zakarian Quiz Savannah Guthrie on Her Cooking Skills

Plus Savannah's haunting story about a pre-sliced English muffin she'll never forget!

Savannah Guthrie is determined to finally learn how to cook without the foolproof help of an entire
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Drew and "Moody Foody"

Fabrizio Villalpando a.k.a. "The Moody Foody" teaches Drew to Make Chilaquiles

They make it look easy!

Drew invites viral Mexican-American cooking sensation known as the Moody Foody (Fabrizio Villalpando
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Drew and Savannah Guthrie

Savannah Guthrie Misses Being a "Makeout Bandit" with Strangers

Vote for what tattoo Savannah Guthrie should get!

While Savannah Guthrie and Drew lament on how much they miss their youthful days of making out with
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Drew Fans Out Over Lady Gaga's "Donnie Darko" Confession to Jake Gyllenhaal | Drew's News

It all started with a script Drew found...

Drew and Ross Mathews discuss the hottest headlines, like Lady Gaga revealing her "Donnie Darko" obs
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Drew and Ross

Can You "Claim" a Baby Name to Prevent Your Pregnant Friend from Using It? | Drew's News

"I have a strong opinion." - Ross

Drew and Ross have a heated debate about whether you should be able to "claim" baby names to keep th
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Drew and Ross

Should an Engagement Ring Be a Surprise or Not? | Drew's News

Drew even polls the audience!

Drew and Ross Mathews discuss the day's buzziest headlines, like an internet debate raging over surp
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Drew and Theo Rossi

Theo Rossi Calls His Mom the "Most Powerful Woman on the Planet"

The actor talks about his father leaving, and how it shaped him.

Theo Rossi sits down with Drew to get honest about what his father leaving did for him, and the adve
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Savannah Guthrie is here!

Coming Up on August 9, 2022 on Drew!

Savannah Guthrie is here!

“Today” Co-Anchor Savannah Guthrie stops by to chat.   Tik Tok star Fabriz
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