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Paris Hilton

Kathy Hilton Reminisces About What Paris Hilton and Drew Were Like as Kids

Come for the memories, stay for Kathy's spot-on Drew impression!

Kathy Hilton shares some of her memories of Drew and Paris Hilton playing together as young tomboys
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Paris Hilton Talks About What It's Like DJing in the Metaverse

Twice as many attendees went to her virtual party than Times Square on New Year's Eve!

Paris Hilton has picked up several new passions since the release of her documentary. She’s channele
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Drew & Ross Mathews

Drew Gets Dared to Send a Sexy Text to Ross Mathews' Fiancé | Drewth or Dare

Ross went full panic mode when Drew got a little naughty.

Things get a little spicy when Drew gets dared to send anything that she wants to Ross’s fiancé. Wha
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Drew & Joshua Weissman

Joshua Weissman Teaches Drew How to Make Austin Breakfast Tacos

And get some hacks for cooking eggs!

The breakfast taco is a dish that seems very simple but can be pretty challenging to perfect. As Jos
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Tiki, Ross, and Drew

Should Pets Be Legally Considered Family Members? | Drew's News

It kind of makes sense?

Spain just declared that pets can legally be claimed as family members, which kind of makes sense. D
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Ross and Drew

Drew Admits She Flirts with Herself in the Mirror | Drew's News

"....oh..okay..." - Ross Mathews

This really started as a normal story about what a person does when their significant other is not h
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Paris Hilton

Coming Up on August 8, 2022 on Drew!

Paris Hilton is here!

Paris Hilton stops by to chat about her new docu-series “Paris in Love” and is joined by her mo
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