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Keanu and Drew

Keanu Reeves Remembers Taking a Teenage Drew for a Birthday Motorcycle Joyride

"Oh wow, we probably went fast," the actor said...

The Matrix Resurrections icon Keanu Reeves stops by the show to chat with his old friend Drew about
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Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves Believes The Matrix Movies Are Also a "Love Story"

He also plays a fun game on etiquette!

Keanu Reeves is in the hot seat to talk about his new movie The Matrix Resurrections and plays a gam
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Two Audience Member Sisters

Drew Manifests a Christmas Miracle with Two Audience Members

The power of thought meets the magic of Christmas!

A few weeks ago, two sisters from Milwaukee joined the audience and shared why they weren’t fans of
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Drew & Ross Mathews

Would You Wear a Bouffant Like Dua Lipa? | Drew's News

Ross thinks you should gift your favorite book!

Drew and Ross Mathews weigh in on today's buzziest headlines, like one family with over 400 trees in
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Wrapped Wine and Alton DuLaney

Drew Learns the Trick to Wrapping Wine Bottles from Famous Gift Wrapper Alton DuLaney

Now THIS is the gift wrappping advice that we needed!!

Wrapping presents is an underrated art form, but it’s a small practice that can elevate your gift-gi
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Drew and audience member

Drew Gets Sentimental Answering a Holiday Audience Question | Drewth or Dare

Was not expecting the answer to be about mushrooms.

Drew reflects on her favorite Christmas ornament, and the answer was not quite what we expected!
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The holiday girl and drew

Drew Interviews "The Holiday"-Inspired Woman Who's Swapping Homes with a Stranger | Drew's News

She hadn't seen the movie and just decided to go for it!

Drew and Ross Mathews interview a woman named Grace, who posted a TikTok offering her apartment to s
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Keanu Reeves

Coming Up on December 21, 2021 on Drew!

Keanu Reeves is here!

“The Matrix Resurrections” star Keanu Reeves stops by to chat. Then, Drew welcomes back two sisters
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