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Drew and St. Jude Instagram

Drew Celebrates a New St. Jude Campaign for the Holidays

Drew's been a long-time supporter of the organization!

Drew celebrates St. Jude's Give Thanks and Giving campaign, which makes it easy for othrs to give ba
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Chiké Okonkwo on Being "Adventurous" for La Brea and Bear and Kangaroo Encounters Camping

The star shares a story about his encounter with a bear...

Chiké Okonkwo sits down with Drew to talk about shooting his hit show La Brea in Australia,  th
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Drew and animals

Brooke Shields and Drew Debate Which Pets Indicate a Man Is a Cheater | Drew's News

Brooke also shares a brand new fashion line she's been working on!

Drew, Ross Mathews, and Brooke Shields discuss today's buzziest news stories revolving around Thanks
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Erin French

Erin French Only Accepts Reservations for The Lost Kitchen Restaurant by Postcard

We want to go!!!

Chef Erin French talks to Drew about opening The Lost Kitchen in a remote location and at what point
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Drew Pete Davidson Brooke Shields

Is Blonde Hair Cheugy? Brooke Shields Weighs In | Drew's News

Plus, Brooke spills all the secrets on her new holiday film A Castle for Christmas (which Drew has a cameo in)!

Brooke Shields joins Drew and Ross Mathews to discuss today's buzziest news stories, including Brook
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Emily French

Erin French Shares Her Grandmother's Super Secret Holiday Cookie Recipe

Eating these cookies was a spiritual experience

Erin French’s grandmother had such a perfect cookie recipe that she would not even share it with her
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Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson and Drew Share Warm and Fuzzy Movie & TV Picks | Drew's Little Yellow Book

When Harry Met Sally really IS a perfect film...

What would the holidays be without a great “what should we watch?” debate with the family? Dakota Jo
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Drew, Brooke Shields, Ross

Coming Up on August 23, 2022 on Drew!

Brooke Shields is here!

“A Castle For Christmas” star Brooke Shields joins Drew and Ross Mathews at the Drew’s News desk. Co
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