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Drew & Jenny McCarthy

Drew and Jenny McCarthy Debate Whether Liking An Ex's Social Media Posts Is a Good Idea| Drew's News

Would you try it?!

Jenny McCarthy joins Drew and Ross Mathews to discuss news stories, including the resurgence of low-
Drew's News & Causes
kelsea ballerini

Drew and Kelsea Ballerini's Most Embarrassing Celeb Moments Involve Miranda Lambert, Clint Eastwood

Cringing along with them!

Drew Barrymore interviews Kelsea Ballerini about her new book of poetry, her CMT experiences, and mo
Entertainment & Celebs

Drew Wants You to Watch Netflix's First Gay Christmas Movie | Drew's Little Yellow Book

We can't wait to watch.

Drew shouts out Single All the Way, Netflix's new holiday rom-com starring Michael Urie! Get more
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Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland Remembers When She Ran into Whitney Houston | Starstruck

Even Kelly Rowland gets starstruck!

Kelly Rowland shares the angelic moment when she ran into the legendary Whitney Houston at a hotel.
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Amateur Chefs Compete to Create Easy Sauce-Based Dishes for Drew to Judge

Amateur Chefs Compete to Create Easy Sauce-Based Dishes for Drew to Judge


Drew Barrymore teams up with Ragu for a competition called "How Do You Ragu?" where non-professional
Recipes & Cooking
Drew & Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea Ballerini Conquers Fabric Stains with Drew's Incredible Life Hacks | Stans for Stains

Wait - vinegar to REMOVE stain smells?!

Kelsea Ballerini shares her story about her first date with her husband, where she got a major stain
DIY & Home
Drew & Ross

Drew Reacts to Taylor Swift-Jake Gyllenhaal Rumors | Drew's News

We're here for all the tea.

Drew and Ross Mathews discuss today's buzziest news stories, including Taylor Swift's re-release of
Drew's News & Causes