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Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer Has Drew's Audience Vote for Which Perfume Scent She'll Release Next

Both smell amazing!

Drew and her audience to vote on the fragrance Michelle Pfeiffer is going to release next, and the a
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Mom of Two Finds Her Inner Glow with a Beauty Week Makeover

Mom of Two Finds Her Inner Glow with a Beauty Week Makeover

*teary eye emoji*

Over the course of the episode Drew and Zanna Roberts Rassi (Milk Makeup co-founder) give The Drew B
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Drew Barrymore Shows How to Use an Eyeliner Beauty Hack to Even Out Uneven Eyes

Drop everything and do this tip immediately!

As part of Beauty Week, Drew shares a tip on how to use eyeliner to make two eyes that are not symme
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Drew & Ross

Drew and Ross Give Their Best Beauty Tips Like Why You Should Pluck At Night | Drew's News

Ross also explains why he chooses to use soap to wash his face!

Drew and Ross Mathews sit behind the desk to celebrate Beauty Week here at the show, by giving their
Drew's News & Causes

Drew Barrymore's Ultimate Foundation Blending Tips

Lotta good info!

Can Drew do her foundation in less than 5 minutes? Yes she can, and now so can you!
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Katie Sturino

Katie Sturino Talks Boobsweat, Starting Megababe and Rocking Bold Prints on a Bigger Body

Nowwww where can one purchase a cheetah print pant suit??

Founder of Megababe, author of Body Talk, and host of the Boobsweat podcast is out here taking names
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Michelle Pfeiffer Admits She Channeled Drew's Scream Performance for What Lies Beneath

Michelle also explains to Drew why some people tend to think she's "icy"!

Actress, and icon, Michelle Pfeiffer joins the show to talk to Drew about doing pageants when she wa
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