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Leslie Grossman

Leslie Grossman Shares Her Story of Being Adopted and Adopting Her Daughter | Drew's News

We can't get enough of these stories!

Drew and Ross Mathews are joined by Leslie Grossman to discuss headlines, including a date who order
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Drew and Adele

Drew Reacts to Adele's Divorce Comments | Drew's News

Drew was so touched by Adele's candidness.

Drew and Ross Mathews discuss headlines, including GLAAD's Spirit Day for their anti-bullying campai
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Sharael Kolberg

Drew Celebrates Breast Cancer Activist Sharael Kolberg

We couldn't be more inspired by Sharael Kolberg.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Drew touches base with Sharael Kolberg who updates Drew o
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Drew and Christian Siriano and woman with French Toast costume

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes with Christian Siriano

All of these are inspiring our spooky attire for this year!

Drew chats with Project Runway icon Christian Siriano about his mentorship on the show, dressing Mic
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Ross as a professor

Ross Mathews Quizzes Drew and Her Back to School Crew on Their GED Journey

This exam is making us nervous!

Drew and her GED crew get quizzed by Ross Mathews on math problems, terms like "sunny side up," E.T.
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Drew and her GED squad

Drew Checks in with Her Back to School Crew on Their Journey to Get Their High School Diplomas

Each of these GED candidates are incredible people!

Drew interviews her Back to School Crew about each of their incredible stories and lives as they con
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Halloween ambassador

Drew and Ross Meet Halloween Capital of the World Ambassador | Drew's News

This is getting us in the Halloween Spirit!

Drew chats with a resident of the "Halloween Capital of the World" and lifelong Anoka, MN resident a
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