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The Old Gays

The Old Gays React to Celeb Fans Rihanna, Lil Nas X, Get Quizzed on Youth Slang

Would it be cheugy to say the Old Gays are dope?

TikTok and social media sensations The Old Gays discuss their famous fans (Rihanna, Kristen Bell, Li
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Drew & Ross

Drew Does Not Believe in Splitting the Bill | Drew's News

Chivalry can be revived!!

What’s the appropriate amount to spend on a first? Who should pay? Do you need a license to use powe
Drew's News & Causes
Drew & Aliza Kelly

What is Mercury Retrograde? A Professional Astrologer Explains | Drew's Little Yellow Book

How's your retrograde going?

Aliza Kelly pops back into the studio to tell Ross and Drew about her new book and illuminate what t
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Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay Makes Pimento Cheese Stuffed Burgers "Juicy Lucy"


Bobby Flay puts a southern twist on the classic Minneapolis “Juicy Lucy” style cheeseburger and serv
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DIY crafted potion bottles

EASY DIY Potion Bottles | Hot Tips

A DIY craft that’s as easy as it is witchy- YES PLEASE!

At last, your recycling bin full of kombucha bottles can have a renewed sense of purpose just in tim
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Drew and The Old Gays

The Old Gays Decide Who is the Samantha of the Group

And other important group dynamics

TikTok and social media sensations The Old Gays join Drew on the show to introduce themselves, discu
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Bobby Flay and New Cookbook

Bobby Flay Loves Losing on Beat Bobby Flay

Even though it doesn't happen THAT often...

Even though Bobby Flay has a strong winning record on his hit show, Beat Bobby Flay, he has a a love
Recipes & Cooking
The Old Gays

TikTok's The Old Gays Playfully Argue as They Dish Out Superlatives | Most Likely Drew

We love watching them banter.

TikTok sensations The Old Gays give each other superlatives based on who is the best at drag, who ha
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