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Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart Shares Her Most Epic Tailgating Hosting Tips | Dear Drew

"Always have delicious snacks," she says!

Martha Stewart opens letters with Drew from all around the country, like one from a fan who's intere
Recipes & Cooking
Drew's News

Drew and Ross Mathews Bring the News Desk to DC to Talk Animal Politics | Drew's News

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln had goats??

Drew and Ross Mathews are going over some very interesting news inside the White House to celebrate
Drew's News & Causes
Hometown Spirit

TV Host Kara Mack Shares What Makes Portland So Special | Hometown Spirit

There's so much natural beauty all over!

Television host Kara Mack and Judiaann Woo explains to us why they love living in Portland, Oregon s
Entertainment & Celebs
TalkShopLive Drew Barrymore at the Drew's News Desk

Drew Confesses Our Studio Has Some of the Most Beautiful Digs in NYC | A Little Bit Extra

It's a real VIP experience!

Drew's giving a big thank you to AllModern who helps bring our studio to life with their gorgeous ch
Entertainment & Celebs
Drew's Doggy Bag

Influencer Dani Sauter Highlights a DC Animal Rescue Worth Checking Out | Drew's Doggy Bag

She recently adopted from them over the summer!

Body positivity influencer Dani Sauter joins the Drew's News desk to talk about why it's important t
Drew's News & Causes

Drew's Audience Gives NYC Waitresses Standing Ovation to Thank Them for Service During Pandemic

Drew opens up about her mom being a waitress and knowing the importance of tips.

To thank New York City waitresses, who've become essential workers during the pandemic, Drew's givin
Entertainment & Celebs

Upcycling Expert Sarah Terensinski Shows How to Make DIY Wine Rack Using Cans

She's also showing us how to upcycle your own bar cart!

Upcycling expert and TikToker Sarah Terensinski tells Drew and Ross Mathews why she start to reuse r
DIY & Home

Martha Stewart on Achieving the Perfect Thirst Trap and Owning a U.S. Mail Truck | Dear Drew

Drew and Martha are reading some letters from you!

Martha Stewart joins Dear Drew to celebrate the beauty of mail and the two give their advice to Rach
Drew's News & Causes