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Husky and owner

Drew Freaks Out Over TikTok Husky Pup That Talks to Owner | AM Cam

Thank goodness for dogs.

Dr. Drewlittle a.k.a. Drew introduces us to TikTok sensation @MeekaTheHusky who cuddles and talks to
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Drew's Little Yellow Book

This Is Drew's Favorite Spray for Pet Accidents | Drew's Little Yellow Book

She swears by it, and says it removes the odors!

Drew gives us a pick from her Little Yellow Book that she's obsessed with, Angry Orange Pet Odor Eli
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Victoria Shaffer

Paul Shaffer's Daughter Offers Hot Tips and Advice for Rescuing Dogs

And a great visual of David Letterman in Chaps!

Victoria Shaffer is an dog rescue advocate with tons of advice for how to go about adopting a dog. S
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Drew and Ross and the Cat Drew Barrymore

Drew and Ross Mathews React to Their Cat Namesakes Drew Barrymore and Ross Mathews | Drew's News

Do they have a little news desk too??

We know that Drew and Ross were a dynamic duo when it comes to delivering the good news, but we didn
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Drew and a goat

Drew Tries Goat Yoga for the First Time | Good in 5

Drew + Goats = Cuteness overload!

Dr. Drewlittle a.k.a. Drew takes a risk with a new experience and tries goat yoga for the first time
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Drew & Paul Shaffer

Paul Shaffer and Drew Reflect on Her Infamous David Letterman Appearance

An iconic moment in television history!

Drew and Paul Shaffer reunite to help a couple from the audience adopt a dog and reminisce about Dre
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Coming Up on September 2, 2022 on Drew!

Victoria Shaffer is here!

It’s the Drew Little Hour where Drew is covering all things animals. First up, meet “Pup Culture” au
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