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Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda Prefers Being Handcuffed in the Front | Secrets Revealed

What was that about a rotator cuff?

Lifelong actress and activist Jane Fonda is no stranger to a few run-ins with the law. She offers he
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Drew's News

Drew and Ross Eat Bacon by the Tip Like Jessica Simpson | Drew's News

She might be onto something!

Drew and Ross Mathews are behind our Drew's News desk to report the latest headlines, including crim
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How Picky Should You Be When Online Dating in Your 20s? | Drew's Love Bug

Dating can be tricky at any age...

Dating expert Damona Hoffman joins Drew to analyze one picky 20-something's dating app messages and
Drew & Ross

Drew and Ross Debate Which Way Toilet Paper Should Roll


Drew Barrymore and Ross Mathews take on potty politics and team up with Cottonelle to settle the vir
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Drew Is Gripped By John Green's Latest Book | Drew's Doggy Bag

We can't wait to read!

In Drew's Doggy Bag, Drew recommends John Green's latest book The Anthropocene Reviewed, which is Jo
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Shirley Temple King Leo Kelly Gives a Full Review of Padma Lakshmi's Cooking

All he needed to say, "heavenly."

Drew's in the kitchen with Padma Lakshmi and Shirley Temple King Leo Kelly to eat some of Padma's de
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Padma Lakshmi Never Thought She'd Have Kids Following Endometriosis Diagnosis

She explains treating every day as a gift with her daughter.

Host of Top Chef and Taste the Nation Padma Lakshmi sits down with Drew to talk about why she wanted
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