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How to Better Your Financial Health with Chime


The Drew Barrymore Show and Chime are working together to help you find your footing with your finan
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Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant on Why Hating Rom-Com Music and Lyrics Is Impossible and Drew's Impressions on Set

"You'll always have a place in my heart."

Actor High Grant sits down with Drew to remember the first time he ever heard from her, what it was
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Drew's Doggy Bag

Drew Loves This Frame That's Perfect for Preserving Memories | Drew's News

Never forget the memories that matter!

Drew's giving a shoutout to our Drew's News team and showing how easy it is to preserve the memories
Drew's News & Causes
Drew's News

Drew Celebrates App Helping Give Away Leftover Food from Restaurants | Drew's News

Drew's also remembering David Letterman's last day as Late Show host!

Drew and Ross Mathews sit down for Drew's News to discuss the anniversary of David Letterman's final
Drew's News & Causes

Nicole Beharie Educates on the Importance of Juneteenth

The actress is also talking about her role in the series Solos!

Actress Nicole Beharie shares why Juneteenth is such an important day to remember and how she commem
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Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant and Drew Discuss Sociopathic Narcissism in Hollywood, Politics and The Undoing

The Undoing actor tapped into the mind of a sociopath: "I needed to be convincing when I was denying my guilt."

Hugh Grant talks to Drew about how he wanted to approach his character on HBO's The Undoing and why
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Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant Reveals How He Was Pranked on the Notting Hill Set and More Movie Moments

Hugh also critiques Renée Zellweger's accent on the set of Bridget Jones's Diary!

Hugh Grant's giving us a peek "Behind the Curtain" to reveal some iconic behind-the-scenes moments,
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Hugh Grant

Coming up Thursday, May 20, 2021 on Drew!

Hugh Grant is here!

The Undoing actor Hugh Grant stops by to chat. Then,  Amazon’s Solos star Nicole Beha
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