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Drew and Chef Pilar Valdes Whip Up Delicious Beef Skewers from Their New Cookbook

It's even wrapped in a herbaceous basil leaf!

Chef Pilar Valdes and Drew teach us how to make lemongrass beef skewers from their new, cookbook Reb
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Willie Geist Gets Grilled by Budding 7-Year-Old Journalist Emmy and Offers Advice

Emmy and Drew are also twinning to the extreme!

Our favorite journalist, seven-year-old Emmy, is back on the show to speak with our other favorite j
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Rebel Homemaker

Pilar Valdes and Drew Launch Their Own Cookbook

"We've been working on it for what feels like a long time."

Drew and Pilar Valdes can't contain the amazing news anymore - they wrote their own cookbook and we
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Justine Bateman

Justine Bateman Gets Real About Pressure on Women to Combat Aging | Drew's News

The multi-hyphenate star spoke mostly to women to help write her new collection of fictional stories, Face: One Square Foot of Skin.

Writer and filmmaker Justine Bateman joins Drew's News to talk about the inspiration behind her late
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Dr. Dendy

Dr. Dendy on Why You Should Use Argan Oil | Hot Tip

She explains which oils might be right for your skin type!

Dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman lets us in on the secret importance of oil, and which oil might be
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Shirley Temple King

Shirley Temple King's Honest Reviews of the Best Summer Toys

Leo Kelly declares one product in particular the best toy "hands down"!

"Maddie Michalik walks Drew and Leo Kelly, AKA Shirley Temple King, through all of the hottest toys
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Willie Geist

Willie Geist Explains Why Trust is the Most Important Thing to Have in an Interview

"I'm not interested in whatever the gotcha question is."

Journalist and host of NBC's Sunday TODAY, Willie Geist, joins the show to chat with Drew about why
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Drew's News

Carrie Bradshaw's Favorite Cocktail Is the Drink of the Summer | Drew's News

Ross also reveals how addicting Zillow really is...

Drew and Ross Mathews celebrate the news that cosmopolitans are the official drink of summer and get
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