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Chef Lenny

Chef Lenny the Lizard Bakes an Amazing Carrot Cake with Drew

We also get some insight into Lenny's cookbook from his human, Valerie Musser!

Drew and her bearded dragon Jeremy are in the kitchen with Chef Lenny the Lizard and his owner Valer
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LG Helps The Drew Barrymore Show Go Eco-Friendly with Upcycling


LG and The Drew Barrymore Show are teaming up to show viewers how easy upcycling can be and how the
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Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson on Being Newlyweds with Ex Nick Lachey, Weight Gain and Owning Who She Is

The singer got real with Drew in this captivating interview.

Singer and billionaire business mogul Jessica Simpson sits down with Drew for a raw interview about
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Drew Gives the History of the Fascinating Public Art Project Dial-a-Poem | Drew's News

Who knew there was an app now??

Drew shares another Doggy Bag pick, the Dial-a-Poem public poetry service that's been modernized aft
Drew's News & Causes
Drew's News

Would Drew Splurge to Take Her Pups to a Luxury Hotel for Dogs? | Drew's News

Ross Mathews confesses he's paid for his dog to get a massage...

Drew and Ross Mathews discuss the big news that there's officially a luxury hotel just for dogs, and
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Drew and Ross Mathews

Drew Does Line Dancing: Drew and Ross Mathews Learn How to Line Dance

It's time for a new series, Drew Does!

Drew and Ross Mathews hit the dance floor to kick off our series Drew Does, where Drew takes on a ne
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Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Confesses About the Clarity Giving Up Alcohol Gave Her

Jessica also reveals that people used to mistake her for Drew when she was younger!

Jessica Simpson chats about wanting to look like Andy Warhol until giving up alcohol and how strange
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