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Sawyer Spielberg on How His Dad's Directing Skills Helped Him Get Up for School

"I'm going to barge into your room and say 'action."

Actor Sawyer Spielberg catches up with Drew to share what it's been like to raise a newborn during q
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Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee Gives Drew the Best Tips to Never Mess Up a Manicure | Beauty Backgrounder

With this easy hack, any mistakes made are easy fixed!

Beauty guru Michelle Lee tells Drew how you're able to get the perfect manicure in your own home, wi
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Chris Appleton Gives Drew Fan a Breathtaking Chic Bob Hair Makeover

Our VFF hasn't had a haircut in over a year!

Celebrity stylist Chris Appleton helps our VFF Jen, who hasn't had a haircut in over a year, look co
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Ross Might Be Auditioning for HBO's New Magic Mike Series | Drew's News

Drew also celebrates the news that her CBD brand's getting some recognition!

Drew and Ross Mathews talk about the news that there's going to be a new show on HBO helping men tra
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Drew Helps You Get Rid of Nose Hairs in a Safe Way

The trick is to not get rid of all of them and get sick!

Drew admits that it's easy to forget about nose hairs, but helps you trim them to look sharp!
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Kyra Sedgwick Defines Herself as a Mother Above All

The actress explains how she's similar to her character on screen!

Actress Kyra Sedgwick tells Drew how she's like her character on Call Your Mother, and gives her num
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Kyra Sedgwick Almost Went to the Hospital After Husband Kevin Bacon Tried to Help Her Wax

"There is a moment where I thought 'I can't pull the strip off."

Actress Kyra Sedgwick explains to Drew how her husband Kevin Bacon tried to help her with a bikini w
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Chris Appleton

Coming up on Wednesday, April 14, 2021 on Drew!

Chris Appleton is showing us some amazing hair tips!

Call Your Mother star Kyra Sedgwick joins Drew. Then, Honeydew's Sawyer Spielberg stops by to c
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