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Farideh Sadeghin Shares Her Delicious Take on Frito Pie

This is the DIY recipe we've been waiting for, and Drew can't contain her excitement either!

Chef Farideh Sadeghin is back in the kitchen with Drew to teach her how to make her version of
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Head board

TikTok Star Shares DIY Headboard to Save You Major Cash | Hot Tip

You'll have sweet dreams after tackling this furniture hack.

Jessie Ruane, TikTok's @jessiefinds shares her quick and easy DIY tips for creating your own f
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Tie Dye

Drew Fangirls Over Vegan Tie Dye | Doggy Bag

Drew and her daughters can't get enough of this tie dye!

Drew reveals a special vegan tie dye product that she uses with her daughters and shares some
Drew's News & Causes
Drew's News

Drew and Ross Mathews Make DIY Painted Sneakers | Drew's News

Could these kicks get any more stylish?

Drew and Ross Mathews meet Jordana, known for her Instagram @by_jordana, a custom-painted snea
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Josh Groban

Josh Groban Shares His Most Embarrassing On-Stage Moment | Random Fandom

These Josh Groban super fans lucked out today...

Drew brings Josh Groban's biggest fans to the show to ask him about everything from "making it
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Josh Groban

Josh Groban on Sharing a Non-Twin B-Day with His Brother, His Dream Song Covers

Who doesn't love Josh Groban?!

Josh talks to Drew about why his he and his brother have the same birthday, Josh fanboys over
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Drew Gets Adorable Help Making Kid-Friendly Paper Flowers with The Craft Studio

This is the perfect springtime craft for the family!

Drew is joined by children of The Drew Barrymore Show's director, Adam Heydt, and assistant director
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