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Sahra Nguyen Gives Drew Her Best AAPI Allyship Tips Over a Cup of Vietnamese Coffee

Sahra also shows Drew her special Vietnamese blend!

Founder of Nguyen Coffee Supply, Sahra Nguyen, tells Drew why she wanted to speak out as a Vie
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Kenan Thompson and Drew Make Up Hilarious Headlines for True News Stories

"This just in, Scottish terriers have learned how to travel back in time," the actor joked!

Kenan Thompson plays "This Just In" with Drew, a game where they look at a photo from an u
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Tiki Barber Meets 94-Year-Old Woman Pro Baseballer Who Inspired A League of Their Own

Maybelle's watching every game she can on opening day!

Tiki Barber and Drew were so excited to speak with 94-year-old, Maybelle Blair who's a former
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Kenan Thompson Never Thought He Would Have His Own TV Show

The SNL star on his sitcom Kenan: "One of those ultimate goals you never think is going to really happen."

Lead actor in "Kenan" Kenan Thompson sits down with Drew to talk about what it's been like to
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Drew Barrymore

Drew Can't Contain Her Excitement About Launching Her Own Magazine

"This has been my dream since I was a pre-teenager," said our host!

Drew has some huge news to announce: she's launching her own magazine! To get your own copy, h
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Historic Black Electrician Teaches Drew How to Install Motion Light Switch | Wildflower

Tonya Hicks disguised her gender for credibility: "Usually when they find out you're a woman you get paid less."

Tonya Hicks, among the first few African-American Women to be accepted into the Internatio
Tiki Barber

Should Tiki Barber Have Made the World's Sexiest Bald Man List? | Drew's News

People on the internet were up in arms that Prince William was chosen over Stanley Tucci!

Tiki Barber is in studio with Drew to talk about the controversial pick of Prince William for
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Tiki Barber

Tiki Barber Loves These Unique Books for Kids | Drew's News

"Each one in the series is written by a different author," said Drew.

Tiki Barber and Drew talk about today's Doggy Bag pick, "A Kid's Book About" which helps adult
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Julian Dennison Describes His Romeo and Juliet Chemistry Read with Millie Bobby Brown

"I had no idea what Shakespeare was," the actor joked!

Actor Julian Dennison drops in to chat about what it was like to do a chemistry read with
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Kenan Thompson

Coming up Wednesday, March 31, 2021 on Drew!

Kenan Thompson is here!

“Kenan” star Kenan Thompson stops by to chat. “Godzilla vs. Kong” star Julian Dennison joins Drew.
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