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Travis Barker

Travis Barker on Idolizing The Muppets' Animal and Love Notes from Kourtney Kardashian

The Blink-182 drummer also opened up about homeschooling kids during the pandemic!

Travis Barker chats with Drew about who inspired him to start drumming, how his family has bee
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Drew Shocks Once-Homeless Man with Stunning Redesigned Nursery for Son | Designed by Drew

Chris was left nearly speechless during the big reveal!

In this Designed by Drew, 24-year-old Chris Atoki, who went from being homeless to being a hom
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Travis Barker

Travis Barker Surprises a TikTok Dad Who Loves Drumming with His Daughter

Travis relates to how much this Good Dad goofs around with his daughter!

Musician Travis Barker gave TikToker Marcel Desobeau, who loves to drum with his daughter, an
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Kelly Marie Tran Challenges What People Think of a Disney Princess

The actress also gets a huge surprise from one of her role models!

Raya and the Last Dragon actress Kelly Marie Tran joins Drew to share why her new movie is so
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Drew's News

Pink Lady: Is Drew Planning to Dye Her Hair Pink? | Drew's News

Drew and Ross Mathews might just start rocking pink wigs for this beauty trend!

Drew and Ross Mathews share their thoughts on the bright pink hair trend bubbling up for sprin
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Tech-Savvy Scarf Makes Celebrities Invisible to Paparazzi | Drew's News

Not that there are many cameras following us, but we want it, too!

Drew and Ross Mathews talk about a scarf trend that every celebrity can get behind, and the be
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Go For Your Founder

Go for Yours Founder Shares Her Financial Tools for Young People Pursuing Their Dreams

Erika McCall is closing the opportunity gap using financial assistance, resources and guidance!

Erika McCall, founder of the Go for Yours foundation, was inspired to help young people achiev
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Travis Barker

Coming up Thursday, March 4, 2021 on Drew!

Travis Barker is here!

Travis Barker is here, and later on, “Raya and the Last Dragon” star Kelly Marie Tran joins Drew. &n
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