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Leslie Mann

Leslie Mann Is Jealous of Isla Fisher's Funny Husband Sacha Baron Cohen

Drew also reveals she went on a double date with Isla Fisher!

Leslie Mann and Isla Fisher join the show to talk about their new movie Blithe Spirit and how
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Share the Mic

Getting Fired Actually Helped This Designer Meet Her Future Business Partner | Share the Mic

The Forbes+Masters design duo are also sharing the easiest way to level up your home decor game!

Luvvie Ajayi Jones introduces Drew to two amazing designers, Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters, w
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10-Year-Old Braves Cold to Clear Snow Off of First Responders Cars | Drew's News

He even got his family involved!

Drew and Ross Mathews meet Abbey, Christian, and Amanda, a family that decided to clear the sn
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Beth Behrs

Beth Behrs Compares COVID-19 Pandemic Hobbies to Living in the 1800's

"Everyone just has weird hobbies like baking bread and churning butter," Beth jokes, but she's not wrong!

Former 2 Broke Girls star Beth Behrs points out how all of the hobbies people are taking on du
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Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher Reveals Evidence of Supernatural Activity on Set of Blithe Spirit

Maybe the ghost wasn't happy with the script changes?!

Leslie Mann and Isla Fisher play Face the Fun Facts, a game where Drew tries to figure out whi
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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's Working on a Mystery Novel | Drew's News

Ross Mathews joked that he's heard of this writer before...

Drew and Ross Mathews share the news that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is co-writ
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Pop Quiz

Do You Know the Answers to This Tough Test from Drew? | Pop Quiz

It's time for another quiz - let's hope you were paying attention!

Drew quizzes one of our VFF's to see if they were paying attention to today's show for a chanc
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Drew Barrymore

Drew Meets Once-Homeless Woman Now Helping Others Who Are Struggling

Nikki and her work with Dignity for Divas is so inspiring -- we're honored to share her story!

Nikki Gane-Butler, the founder of Dignity for Divas, explains why she wanted to help other wom
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Leslie Mann

Coming up Monday, March 1, 2021 on Drew!

Isla Fisher and Leslie Mann are here!

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