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Sara Gilbert

Sara Gilbert Confesses Her First Girl Kiss Was with Drew on the Poison Ivy Set

She's not usually one to kiss and tell, but...

Actress Sara Gilbert reveals that Drew was her first kiss with a girl when the pair locked lip
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Good Housekeeping Teaches Drew Laundry Stripping Secrets | Stans for Stains

Stain stan Drew could not keep her cool with the lab director of The Good Housekeeping Institute, Carolyn Forte!

Carolyn Forte, director of home appliances and cleaning products lab at The Good Housekeeping
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Ben Feldman

Ben Feldman Opens Up About Superstore Ending After Six Seasons

The actor also shares what it's been like resuming therapy again!

Superstore star Ben Feldman talks to Drew about what it's been like to start going to therapy
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Dr. Aliza

Dr. Aliza Explains Parenting Lessons You Can Learn from Gilmore Girls | Drew's News

So there's more to the show than just being addicting!

Dr. Aliza is back on Drew's News to share what every parent can learn from the classic show Gi
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Ross Mathews

Ross Calls Out Gen Z for Cancelling Skinny Jeans and Side Parts | Drew's News

Ross is also polling to see how people feel about wearing socks to bed...

Drew and Ross Mathews are recapping the most interesting headlines, like Gen Z canceling some
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Sara Gilbert

Sara Gilbert on the Secret to The Conners Success: It's Just the Right Group of People

The actress also credits the unique storyline of a family trying to survive in America.

The Conners actress Sara Gilbert sits down with Drew to reminisce about working together when
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17-Year-Old Raises Over $2,000 to Buy Oxygen Masks for Pets

The teen was inspired by her firefighter father!

When 17-year-old Carley Deery explains how her firefighter dad inspired her to raise money to
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Drew Barrymore

Drew's Obsessing Over This Vegan Ranch Dressing | Drew's News

This is a swap we can get behind!

Drew's sharing another amazing pick from her Doggy Bag, and it's a vegan rach dressing that's
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Alyson Hannigan

Alyson Hannigan Teaches Drew How to Make Squirrel-Shaped Snack for Her Kids

You'd have to be nuts to not want to make this!

Alyson Hannigan shows Drew how to make an adorable edible squirrel snack that kids will love i
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Alyson Hannigan

Alyson Hannigan Reveals She Was Bullied for Commerical She Did As a Kid

Drew related to the hardship!

Flora & Ulysses actor Alyson Hannigan and Drew bond over what it's like to be in commercia
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Drew's News

How One Woman Transformed More Than 750 Senior Citizens' Lives | Drew's News

Tiffany just wanted to do something nice for others!

The Confetti Castle owner, Tiffany Marino, joins Drew's News to share why she decided to start
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You're Going to Want These Customizable Cutting Boards | Drew's News

They also make the perfect gift!

Drew shares another amazing pick from her Doggy Bag, customizable cutting boards from Words wi
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Phoebe Dynevor

Phoebe Dynevor Left a Party Right Before Rihanna Showed Up | Starstruck

Poor Phoebe must have really felt like she was living in Disturbia...

Actress Phoebe Dynevor shares the one person she was most starstruck by, and the night she *al
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Drew's News

Uh Oh, Drew and Ross Clash Over the Socks with Sandals Comeback | Drew's News

Ross Mathews is NOT happy about the controversial combo's return...

Drew and Ross Mathews clash over the return of the socks and sandals trend, discuss tiny rebel
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Sara Gilbert

Coming up Friday, March 24, 2021 on Drew!

Sara Gilbert is here!

“The Conners” star Sara Gilbert stops by to chat and plays a rousing game of Drew or False. “Superst
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