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Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl Likes to Be Called "Katie" in Her Personal Life

The Firefly Lane star uses "Katherine Heigl" in her professional life to keep a balance!

Actress Katherine Heigl explains why she prefers to be called Katie in her personal life, shar
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Lara Lee

Chef Lara Lee Cooks Up Her Favorite Version of Indonesian Fried Rice

She never tires of this family Indonesian recipe!

Chef Lara Lee's in the kitchen with Drew to demonstrate how to make her absolute favorite comf
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Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl's Foundation Honors Her Brother Through Protecting Animals

It's a family affair -- the actress works with her mother on the foundation!

Katherine Heigl reveals how the life of her brother, who died at age 16, inspired her animal f
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Drew's News

Terrence Terrell Reveals He Crashed a Party and Danced with Drew Barrymore | Drew's News

The actor says he and Drew danced together to Lady Gaga!

Terrence Terrell joins Drew's News to share a fun story about the night he danced with Drew af
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Jen Atkin

Jen Atkin Gives Healthcare Workers Hairstylists an Amazing Surprise

Their faces say it all!

Ouai founder Jen Atkin and Drew celebrate and surprise two women from Minneapolis who decided
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Magic plaque

Drew Loves This Magical Plaque That Helps Relieve Worries | Drew's News

She says it's been on her kid's walls for years!

Drew shares another great recommendation from her Doggy Bag, a unique plaque that can help you
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The Drew Barrymore Show

How Poet Audre Lorde Inspires Whembley Sewell's LGBTQ Magazine Them

Remembering inspirational voices of the past is great way to honor Black History Month!

Them Editor-in-Chief Whembley Sewell shares how self-described "black, lesbian, mother, warrio
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Katherine Heigl

Coming up Tuesday February 9, 2021 on Drew!

Katherine Heigl is here!

“Firefly Lane” star Katherine Heigl stops by to chat. “Coconut & Sambal” author Chef Lara Lee te
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