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6 Feet from 600

Drew Quizzes Contestants in COVID-Safe Game 6 Feet from 600

These questions aren't easy... did you know all the answers?

Drew keeps Game Show Week alive and thrilling with a new game called "6 Feet from 600," where
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Dan Souza's Roasted Cod & Garlic Potatoes Get the Most Out of Your Air Fryer

Air fryers are all the rage, and we totally get why!

Dan Souza teaches Drew how to make an easy dinner of roasted cod and beautiful lemon garlic po
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Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady Hosts a Drew Barrymore Show Version of Let's Make a Deal

Drew's going all out trying to win some prizes for a lucky VFF!

Wayne Brady helps us celebrate Game Show Week by hosting a very special version of his show, L
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Drew's News

Leslie Jordan Isn't Thrilled Mullets Are Making a Comeback | Drew's News

The first mullet the actor saw was from Jane Fonda in Klute!

The hysterical Leslie Jordan joins Drew's News to share why he decided to do comedy sketches o
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Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady Reveals Co-Parenting Isn't as Easy as He Makes It Look on TikTok

The multi-talented Let's Make a Deal gets honest about life's ups and downs!

Wayne Brady explains to Drew why he's passionate about and loves his job as a game show host,
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Your Next Meal

Jeremy Scheck's Veggie Burger Beefs Up Meatless Mondays | Your Next Meal

It's such an easy way to get your veggies in!

Jeremy Scheck takes Drew step-by-step through how to cook a veggie burger that's totally tasty
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Drew's News

Drew Celebrates Eco-Friendly Sandwich Wrap | Drew's News

"They keep your vegetables fresh. They keep your sandwiches in place."

Drew and Ross Mathews are talking about the importance of eco-friendly sandwich wraps that are
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Michelle Buteau

Michelle Buteau's Favorite Life Hack | Hot Tip

We couldn't have said it better!

Michelle Buteau lets us in on her favorite secret to living your best life!
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Wayne Brady

Coming up Thursday, January 28, 2021 on Drew!

Wayne Brady is here!

Game Show week continues with “Let’s Make A Deal” Host Wayne Brady. Then, Drew hosts 6 Feet Game Sho
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