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Break the Cycle

Simple Expert Tips and Tricks to Get Better Sleep at Night

Who knew the secret to sleep was something that's free!

Dr. Thanuja Hamilton explains simple tips and tricks that can change your sleep schedule at ni
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Kat Graham

Kat Graham's Refugee Grandparents Inspired Her to Work with UN | Drew-Gooder

The actress encourages people to remember that refugees deserve opportunities.

The incredible Kat Graham joins Drew to claim her "Drew-Gooder" title, share what being a UN A
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Drew's News

Drew and Ross Dig into Ben Affleck Trashing Ana de Armas' Cardboard Cutout After Split | Drew's News

It's okay to keep the cutout to remember your relationship!

Drew and Ross talk about all the good news happening in pop culture, like the rumored split be
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Folake Olowofoyeku

Folake Olowofoyeku Wants Her Show to Remind People that Immigrants Are Human Beings

Folake and her co-star Billy Gardell join the show!

Folake Olowofoyeku and Billy Gardell discuss their series Bob Hearts Abishola with Drew, expla
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Sleep trouble

Drew Helps a VFF Pinpoint Strategies to Fix Trouble Sleeping

Our sleep expert is fills us in on the common factors that affect our sleep!

Drew calls in sleep expert Dr. Thanuja Hamilton to help our VFF Alicia figure out why she's ha
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Michelle Park

Michelle Park Shows Drew How to Make the Perfect Panini in a Toaster | Drew's News

This is the food hack we've desperately needed!!!

Michelle Park joins Drew's News to teach Drew and her co-pilot Ross Mathews how to make a deli
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Talented Pup Parent Makes Adorable Hat for Her Furry Friend | AM CAM

How do we get one for our pets?

TikToker Alyssa Joleen creates a beautiful red sun hat for her dog that's fashionable and comf
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Drew Barrymore

Coming up Thursday, January 21, 2021 on Drew!

It's going to be an eventful show!

In an all-new Break The Cycle segment, Drew takes on bad sleep habits enlisting sleep expert Dr. Tha
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