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Ellie Kemper

Ellie Kemper Barely Recognized Drew When She Disappeared into Her Characters for The Stand-In

Drew's multi-layered characters kept her co-star Ellie's head spinning to keep track.

Drew reunites with her The Stand-In co-star Ellie Kemper to apologize for being intense when i
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Selena: The Series

Ricardo Chavira on How Selena Quintanilla was a Big Part of His Life Before the Netflix Series

The star of Netflix's Selena series had a lot of personal resources to draw from when preparing to play Selena's father.

Actor Ricardo Chavira and Drew laugh about his time on Santa Clarita Diet and Ricardo shares w
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Ellie Kemper

Ellie Kemper and Drew Perform a Dramatic Live Reading of a Play Ellie Wrote as a Kid

It's a story about the true meaning of Christmas!

Ellie Kemper and Drew give us the Christmas play of a lifetime using a script that Ellie wrote
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Santa's Elf

Santa's Head Elf Reveals the Emotional Wish She Made This Year

Jamie spills the tea on what goes on at Santa's workshop!

Santa's Head Elf Jamie from Chico, CA let's us take a peek behind the Christmas curtain to hea
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Drew's News

Drew and Ross Mathews Are Panicking About Taylor Swift's New Album | Drew's News

Drew couldn't stop screaming about Taylor's announcement!

Drew and Ross Mathews sit behind our desk to talk about news of Taylor Swift's latest surprise
Drew's News & Causes
Funnel cake

This Funnel Cake Queen is Helping Her Customers Pay Their Bills | Drew's News

Drew surprised her with a full trip to the Punta Cana Resort!

Kenya Congress joins Drew's News to share how she's using her funnel cake business to help oth
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Adam Sandler

Drew Confirms Adam Sandler is on the Lookout for Their Next Movie

Everyone's favorite rom-com couple are due for their every decade-long film tradition and have been texting about their next collaboration!

Drew kicks off the show with a moment of relief for parents, sharing a forgiving quote about k
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Food or cake?

Drew Cuts into a Bowl of Macaroni and Cheese...Cake? | The Big Goodbye

Is it real or is it cake??

Drew and Ross Mathews are blown away at the talent from Luke Vincenti's incredible cake creati
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Drew Barrymore

Coming up Thursday, December 10, 2020 on Drew!

Ellie Kemper is here!

“The Stand-In” actress Ellie Kemper joins Drew to chat about their new film. Then, meet Kenya Congre
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