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Neil and David

Neil Patrick Harris' Husband Gave Drew Life-Changing Advice When Her Kids Acted Out on a Flight

David Burtka reminds parents "we've all been there" when traveling with kids!

Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burtka remember the time David and Drew were on a pl
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Duff Goldman

Duff Goldman Shows Drew How to Make Peppermint Cookie Crust Cupcakes

As if we needed an excuse to eat more cupcakes!

Pastry Chef Duff Goldman hows Drew how to make the perfect cupcakes for winter using cookie cr
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Michaela Watkins

Michaela Watkins Flipped Off Her Old Bosses After Appearing on Stephen Colbert's Show

The Unicorn star was inspired by a waitress who quit with flair while she was working there!

The hysterical Michaela Watkins shares why she ventured across the street from the Ed Sullivan
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Drew's News

Ross Mathews Is Team Press-on Toenails Instead of Pedicures | Drew's News

Drew skips the salon altogether and uses her live-in nail technician -- her daughter!

Ross Mathews joins the Drew's News desk to talk about his support of a new press-on toenail tr
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Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris Made an Interactive Party Game for Just One Player

Part of the game's inspiration stems from NPH's love of escape rooms!

Neil Patrick Harris explains why he decided to create the game Box One and why it's meant for
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Aliza Kelly

Aliza Kelly's December Astrology Report: Solar Eclipse and Dawn of the Age of Aquarius | Drew's News

Our resident astrologer also gives us words of encouragement for 2021!

Astrologist Aliza Kelly gives you all the insight you need for the last month (finally) of 202
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Baking nurse

Drew Surprises a Nurse Baking for Racial Justice with $5,000 for NAACP

Michaela is a modern day superhero!

Drew and Ross are chatting with Michaela Banks, a nurse who's raising money for racial injusti
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The Drew Barrymore Show

Coming up Wednesday, December 9, 2020 on Drew!

Neil Patrick Harris is here!

Emmy Award-winning actor Neil Patrick Harris on the inspiration behind Box One, an ever-evolving gam
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