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Ken Jeong

Ken Jeong Begs Drew Not to Book Joel McHale

He joked that his Community co-star is a horrible person

The hysterical Ken Jeong stops by to remind Drew of the time they met in a hallway at SNL befo
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Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich's Gut Uncovered the PG&E Scandal that Turned Her Life into a Biopic| Drew's News

She said her father also taught her the importance of water early on!

Erin Brockovich joins Drew's News to share how she discovered the PG&E scandal by followin
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Eitan Bernath

Eitan Bernath's Cinnamon Bun Cake Recipe is the Warm Hug You Need This Winter

It's the largest cinnamon bun we've ever seen!

Rising chef Eitan Bernath shows Drew how to make a delicious cinnamon bun cake that smells lik
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Laura Benanti

Drew Challenges Laura Benanti to a The Wedding Singer Dueling Julias Face-Off

Julia meets Julia and we're just lucky to be there to witness it!

Tony-winner Laura Benanti and Drew gush over each other's respective The Wedding Singer perfor
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Drew's News

Drew Confesses She Sent a Romantic Care Package to a Mystery Person | Drew's News

Ross was shocked that after five years of no dating, Drew's putting herself back out there in the most romantic retro way!

In today's Drew's News, Ross and Drew talk about how dating during the pandemic is kind of lik
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Drew Judges Mother-Daughter Cake Decorating Contest

Nothing like a little family rivalry to make cake week sweet!

Takia and Juana, a mom and daughter cake-making team from Ohio, go head-to-head in a decoratin
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Ken Jeong

Ken Jeong Plays I Can See Your Voice with a Drew Barrymore Show Twist

He ALMOST got it right!!

Drew creates a special game just for Ken Jeong based on his show I Can See Your Voice, where h
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Cake week

Coming up Tuesday, December 8, 2020 on Drew!

Ken Jeong is here!

“I Can See Your Voice” host Ken Jeong joins Drew. Actress and singer Laura Benanti stops by to chat
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