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Jennifer and Robyn

Comedian Robyn Schall Gets Emotional Thanking Jennifer Garner for Changing Her Life

She joked that she's a comedian but she still gets emotional!

Robyn Schall thought she was just coming on for a normal segment, but little did she know that
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Dr. Aliza

Dr. Aliza Pressman Says You Need to Be a Guide to Your Kids, Not a Buddy

Boundaries aren't always a negative thing to kids!

Dr. Aliza Pressman joins Drew to help navigate parenting together when two partners might have
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Sam's Club

Sam's Club and Design Guru Carson Kressley Show How to Create Beautiful Dessert Table


Sam's Club and design guru Carson Kressley teach The Drew Barrymore Show viewers how to create
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Jennifer and Drew

Charlie's Angels Inspired Jennifer Garner to Do Her Own Alias Stunts

She even worked with the same stunt crew from the movie as Drew!

Jennifer Garner chats with Drew about everything from her incredible activism to how she learn
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Robyn Schall

Robyn Schall Volunteers to Do Comedy at Drew's Funeral

Jennifer Garner was left speechless by the conversation!

Comedian Robyn Schall and Drew bond over how they handle death with laughter, and Robyn descri
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Dr. Aliza

Dr. Aliza Pressman Explains the Benefit to Couples Having Different Parenting Style

Kids will understand which parent to go to depending on the situation.

Dr. Aliza Pressman is helps Rachel and Brad, parents of three, appreciate having completely di
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Jennifer Garner

Coming up Thursday, December 3, 2020 on Drew!

Jennifer Garner is here!

Actress and founder of organic baby food company Once Upon a Farm, Jennifer Garner stops b
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