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Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland and Drew Reveal How Destiny's Child's "Independent Women" Came Together

Kelly recalls working on Charlie's Angels hit soundtrack!

Kelly Rowland reminisces with Drew about what it was like to collaborate on a song for Cha
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Shannon Lee

Shannon Lee Shares an Important Lesson Her Dad Bruce Lee Passed On

She explains the importance of being like water

Shannon Lee remembers her father's legacy, explains what it was like to grow up alongside an i
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Jill Kargman

Zoom Lifts 40-Minute Restrictions for Thanksgiving | Drew's News

Jill Kargman has no excuse for short calls now!

Jill Kargman sits down at our news desk to go over some of the best Thanksgiving stories with
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Once-Homeless Veteran Is Brought to Tears When His Mortgage Is Paid in Full | Drew-Gooders

Thanks to Home Depot for making the magic happen!

Anthony and Kara Burrow were left completely stunned after Drew announces Home Depot Foundatio
Drew's News & Causes

Drew Reunites with Inspiring Past Drew-Gooders for Thanksgiving | Drew's News

We're so thankful for people like them!

Drew is catching up with some of the inspiring people who've come on the show, like Justin Gav
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Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland's Pregnancy Makes Her Cry at Everything

Pregnancy hormones are no joke!

Kelly Rowland talks about her latest project, Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding, and how pregnanc
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Pet turkey

Drew Meets a Curious Rescue Turkey Who Loves Cuddles

Drew said she looks a little Brooklyn!

Mary the turkey is a lot like a puppy according to her owner Rocky, and Drew was so excited to
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Kelly Rowland

Coming up Wednesday, November 25, 2020 on Drew!

Kelly Rowland is here!

Grammy Award-winning singer Kelly Rowland on producing and starring in Lifetime’s first-ever Christm
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