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Annaleigh Ashford

Annaleigh Ashford Reveals She Used to Be a Go-Go Dancer | Drew's News

The comedian admits the wildest thing she's ever done!

The hysterical Annaleigh Ashford joins to talk about her new show B Positive and how she diffe
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Ross Matthews

Hallmark Releases First Holiday Movie Featuring a Gay Couple | Drew's News

Ross Matthews is overjoyed for Hallmark holiday movies this year!

Our favorite Drew's News guest Ross Matthews joins Drew to celebrate Hallmark finally featurin
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Jamie Anderson

Olympian Jamie Anderson Wants to Set Drew Up with a "Nice Canadian Snowboarder"

We're about this match!

Jamie Anderson chats with Drew about how much her mom inspired her to pursue her dreams in a m
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Dear Drew

Drew Reveals How She Won Her Man Back Like a Rom-Com with a Love Letter | Dear Drew

She joked that they still broke up later on!

Drew's reading letters from across the country, including one from a viewer who got with her p
Drew's News & Causes

Drew Gives Two Selfless Women $10,000 Each to Thank Them

Both were left completely speechless!

Drew is blown away when she learns about the hundreds of holiday meals Gina Goodwin cooks ever
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Jamie Anderson

Drew and Olympian Jamie Anderson Surprise Postal Worker with Skincare Advice Presented by Olay Body


Two-time Olympic gold medal winning snowboarder Jamie Anderson walks Drew and Postal Worker Rh
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Mushroom Marsala is the Perfect Dish for Fall | Your Next Meal

It's easy and perfect for the whole family!

Marlynn Schotland teaches The Drew Barrymore Show how to make a delicious mushroom dish th
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Drew Barrymore

Coming up Monday, November 23, 2020 on Drew!

Annaleigh Ashford is here!

We're gearing up for the most delicious time of year by trying some food that's a little out there!
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