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Haunted house

Take a Tour Inside One of the Most Haunted Houses in America

Step inside, if you dare...

Join our tour of the Hamilton Turner Inn, one of the spookiest places in the country located i
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Hoda Kotb

Hoda Kotb Shares Why She Decided to Try to Adopt a Third Child

Hoda Kotb on more adoptions: "You can fit so much love in there!"

Hoda Kotb breaks down for Drew why she and her fiancé are trying to adopt another child, revea
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Drew at her desk

Why You Should Find Time to Meditate This Weekend | The Weekender

Go AWOL from the world and try some meditation this weekend like the military!

Drew talks about the military encouraging meditation for soldiers, the must-watch movie recomm
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Chloe Hilliard

Comedian Chloé Hilliard Wants Justice for "Foul" Birds at Zoo | Drew's News

Could cursing birds could be a good money maker for a zoo?

Comedian Chloé Hilliard says that she wants the birds who went viral for swearing at zoo guest
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Drew and a cat

Meet Rocky: The Purrr-fect Cat Searching for a Family in NYC | The Big Goodbye

Drew says Rocky has thrived as a foster cat.

Rocky is a cat at the ASPCA in NYC who's searching for a loving home and we're highlighting he
Drew's News & Causes

Drew Learns What Netflix and Chill Really Means

She said that "chilling" in the 80's meant relaxing...

When Drew told someone she was Netflix and Chilling, she was surprised to learn it didn't mean
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Hoda Kotb

Hoda Kotb Proves the Best Time of Your Life Is After 50

Hoda shares her favorite quote that reminds her it's never too late.

Hoda Kotb explains why everything good in her life happened since turning 50 and assures viewe
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Drew and the medium

Watch Medium Bring Drew to Tears After She Communicates with Late Loved Ones

Drew was left speechless after their conversation.

Medium Anna Raimondi helps our VFF's communicate with loved ones who have passed, including ou
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Coming up Friday, October 16, 2020 on Drew!

Drew interviews Hoda Kotb, explores one of America’s most Haunted Houses with a medium, and shares her personal picks for you in The Weekender and Drew’s Little Yellow Book!

Drew interviews Hoda Kotb, explores one of America’s most Haunted Houses with a medium, and shares h
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