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Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron Reacts to Being Mistaken for Ashley Judd | The Moment I Knew I Made It

Charlize Theron wasn't always a household name.

Charlize Theron talks about getting mistaken for Ashley Judd even at premieres for movies she
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Drew surprises teen hero

Carmelo Anthony Surprises Teen Hero Who Saved Family from a Burning Car with a Message

Celebrating the do-gooders of the world one headline at a time

Drew celebrates a teenage Connecticut hero, Justin Gavin, who saved a mother and her three children
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Drew and Paris McGowan

Drew Meets the First Black Female Harley-Davidson Technician in NJ | Drew's News

Paris McGowan stops by Drew's News to talk about her historic position.

Drew's News kicks off with a look at Barbie's latest dolls featuring female icons before Paris
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Drew and Nico Santos

Superstore's Nico Santos and Drew are Haunted by This Walking Goat

Nico Santos talks about some truly spooky news you won't want to miss!

Nico Santos stops by Drew's News to gab about all the creepy, crawly Halloween news you'll wan
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Drew and Henry

Drew Tells Henry Winkler How He Changed Her Life

Henry joins The Drew Barrymore Show to reminisce on working with young Drew.

Drew explains to Henry Winkler how meeting him when she was younger completely changed her life and
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Drew and her pumpkin

Drew Gets Pumpkin Care, Carving and Rot-Prevention Advice from a VFF Expert

Turns out there is an expiration date on that Jack O'Lantern!

Drew gets pumpkin advice from a patch expert in Boston about carving and exactly when those Jack O'L
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Drew and Aarón Sánchez

This Recipe from Aarón Sánchez Is Your New Go-To Side Dish

Aarón Sánchez teaches Drew how to cook up a stellar side!

Aarón Sánchez is teaching Drew how to cook up the perfect, hearty side dish using hominy t
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Drew and her dog

Meet This Paw-esome Pup Looking for a Family in Dallas

Drew introduces her #VFF's to another adorable animal searching for a home!

For Pet Adoption Week, Drew says goodbye by introducing the Virtual Friends and Family audienc
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Drew and henry winkler and jonah larson

Henry Winkler Is Moved by Crochet Prodigy Jonah Larson's Review of His 35th Kids' Book

Henry's book is the first to make our kid contributor Jonah laugh out loud!

Our resident crocheter, 12-year-old, Jonah Larson gives a full review of Henry Winkler's new b
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Drew at her desk

Coming up Thursday October 15, 2020 on Drew!

Drew interviews Henry Winkler, chats with Nico Santos, and highlights a Drew Gooder hero. Plus, Drew celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month by cooking with Chef Aarón Sánchez!

Drew interviews Henry Winkler, chats with Nico Santos, and highlights a Drew Gooder hero. Plus, Drew
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