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Natalie Portman

Childhood Bullies Helped Natalie Portman Develop Strong Sense of Empathy

She says it made her feel like she needed to keep her head down all the time.

The one and only Natalie Portman and Drew bond over what it was like to be bullied at a young
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Zainab and Judy

Judy Gold and Zainab Johnson Are Torn on Women Shaving Their Faces | Drew's News

Judy says, "go for it, baby!"

We bring in our comedy experts Zainab Johnson and Judy Gold to give their honest opinions on s
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Dr. Aliza

Dr. Aliza Explains Why Being a Perfect Parent Isn't Good for Kids | Drew's News

This is the reminder we need to hear!

Dr. Aliza Pressman, our amazing parenting expert, shares some incredible advice on how
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Damona Hoffman

Damona Hoffman on How to Avoid Dating Burnout with Simple Screening Call | Drew's Love Bug

The dating guru says it's a real timesaver!

Our dating guru Damona Hoffman explains to Drew and two of our VFF's why it's so important to
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Natalie Portman

Jonah Larson Loved Reading Natalie Portman's Children's Book to His Little Sister

Jonah loved how the book modernized classic fairy tales!

Our resident reviewer and crochet prodigy Jonah Larson explains to Natalie Portman why her boo
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How to Rock a Bold Eye Look Without Going Over-the-Top | Drew's News

Turns out the secret is all about balance!

The incredible makeup magician Mi-Anne Chan joins Drew's News to talk about her impressive eye
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Damona Hoffman

Damona Hoffman: Thank and Release if Relationships Don't Work Out | Drew's Love Bug

She says don't waste your emotional energy on being hung-up on what you might have done wrong!

Damona Hoffman explains to our VFF Christian why he doesn't need to follow-up with dates that
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Drew Barrymore

Drew's Advice to Make Long Distance Relationships Work

She's a big fan of love letters!

Drew helps one of our VFF's who lives in Florida but is dating a man in England navigate durin
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Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson's Number One Tip to Get Deep Sleep at Night | Secrets Revealed

The key is to have brain food before bed, she says!

Rosario Dawson reveals her tips on how she gets a restful night of sleep and why it's so impor
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At-home workout

At-Home Workouts to Get You Moving | Hot Tip

This quick and easy exercise is no sweat!

Instagram fitness influencer Joseph Allen teaches us about his favorite workout tips that anyo
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