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Joe Manganiello

Magic Mike 2 Cast Helped Joe Manganiello Pick Sofia Vergara's Engagement Ring

The Archenemey actor used his co-stars for the proposal too!

Joe Manganiello explains to Drew how he knew Sofia Vergara was the one and a tip from her Mode
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Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler Admits That His Family Hates His Full Beard

Drew said that's normal because beards give women chin acne!

Drew shares a never-before-seen clip with her cinematic soulmate Adam Sandler! The two talk ab
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Carmen Rita Wong

Carmen Rita Wong's Advice to Recover from Student Loan Debt

Carmen says it's okay if you have to move back in with your parents!

Carmen Rita Wong helps 29-year-old Erin figure a path forward from getting out of her student
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Happy News

This Newspaper Brings You Only Happy News | Drew's News

Why are we just now finding out about this in 2020??

Emily Coxhead, founder of The Happy News, joins Drew's News to explain why she decided to star
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Eitan Bernath and Drew

Eitan Bernath and Drew Try Weird Food Combos Like Mayo and Banana Sandwich

They were delightfully surprised with some of these combinations!

Rising Chef Eitan Bernath teaches Drew the history of some weird food combinations that people
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Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello Confesses That His Dog Bubbles Loves to Be Carried

We're learning so much about the actor's furry friend!

Drew challenges Joe Manganiello to an intense game of "Bubbles in a Minute" where she asks him
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Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer Can't Rave Enough About This Cookie Place

We're ordering from them immediately!

Matt Bomer explains why DeLuscious Cookies in Los Angeles is his absolute favorite spot and ho
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Spice Up Your Taco Night with Korean Pork Tacos | Your Next Meal

These seem so easy to make, and so worth it!

Alice Choi teaches The Drew Barrymore Show how to make incredible pork tacos that just might c
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Drew Reveals Her Movie Role Regrets | The Big Goodbye

Her therapist had some opinions!

A VFF asks Drew if there's any movie role she wishes she took and her answer may surprise you!
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