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Drew Meets the Former Youngest and Only Female Trader at NYSE Lauren Simmons | Wildflower

Drew Meets the Former Youngest and Only Female Trader at NYSE Lauren Simmons | Wildflower

Lauren Simmons' empowering story and tips are valuable for anyone at any age!

  Drew sits down with New York Stock Exchange rock star and host of Going Public Lauren
Lauren Simmons Spills Her 5 Best Tips for Investing and Saving Money | Wildflower

Lauren Simmons Spills Her 5 Best Tips for Investing and Saving Money | Wildflower

You're gonna want to jot these down.

Drew is all ears as host of Going Public Lauren Simmons spills the beans on her top five tips for in
Super sperm donor and two moms that he's helped

Drew Reunites Generous Sperm Donor to 100+ Kids with Two Mothers He's Helped

"I'm very grateful to have this conversation."

Drew speaks to Ari Nagel, who donated sperm to over 100 people for free over the course of a decade,

Drew Flies 30,000 Feet Up with Air Force All-Female Crew on Refueling Mission | Wildflower

"That was so cool!"

Drew is taking on a mission like no other, flying 30,000 feet in the air to see how the United

Historic Black Electrician Teaches Drew How to Install Motion Light Switch | Wildflower

Tonya Hicks disguised her gender for credibility: "Usually when they find out you're a woman you get paid less."

Tonya Hicks, among the first few African-American Women to be accepted into the Internatio

Chef Roshara Teaches Drew to Jerk-Flavor Crab Cakes | Wildflower

Chef Roshara also has an inspiring message for aspiring female chefs!

Chef Roshara Sanders is in the kitchen with Drew to teach her how to make her signature dish,
Recipes & Cooking
Chef Ro

Chef Roshara Smashes Glass Ceiling as First Black Woman Chef Instructor at The Culinary Institute of America | Wildflower

She's also helped so many businesses during the pandemic!

Chef Roshara shares how her mom helped inspire her passion for cooking and what it's like to b

Drew Learns to Jump-Start a Car from Inspiring Mechanic | Wildflower

Drew learns so much from Stephanie you can use at home today!

Owner of the Wooster's Garage, Stephanie Stanke, tells Drew why she wanted to open her own sho

Inspiring Students Launch a Non-Profit to Help Tutor Peers During Pandemic | Wildflower

They've already assembled over 22 tutors across the U.S.!

Drew meets Charvi, Jessica and Angela - three inspiring young women, who decided to start Tuto

Drew Shocks Veteran with Gifts to Help Her Continue Teaching Art to Vets | Wildflower

She was left absolutely speechless!

Yvonne Neal, a veteran who teaches art classes to fellow vets to help them find relaxation, wa
Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow and Drew Have a Virtual Twerk-Off | Wildflower

It comes out next year and we're ready to buy!

Winnie Harlow is releasing a skincare line next year, and she wants our very own beauty ju
Entertainment & Celebs
Drew and Judaline Cassidy

Young Plumber Teaches Drew That Women Can Do Any Job | Wildflower

She's giving women the tools (pun intended) they need to get the job done!

Judaline Cassidy launched a non-profit to help teach young women everything they need to know
Sky Brown

Wildflower: Kid Sky Brown Overcomes Fall to Become Youngest Olympian Skateboarder

Drew's Wildflower spotlight shines on an inspirational 12-year-old girl.

Drew pays tribute to her first "Wildflower," 12-year-old Olympic skateboarder Sky Brown, who i