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The Big Goodbye

Drew, Ross, and Audience Member Claire

Audience Member Returns to Play for 5x More Cash | Pop Quiz

And then some!

Man, oh man, does Nicole pay attention! Audience member and yesterday's quiz show contestant returns
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Audience Member and Drew

Audience Member Dares Drew to Put Her in Her Feed | Drewth or Dare

Check Drew's Instagram!

Not many people are brave enough to suggest a dare, but today we have a dare! Check our Drew's Insta
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Drew at desk

Thank You to Nurses Everywhere!


Drew thanks the audience of nurses for all of their remarkable service with a little gift!
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Drew Does Her Best Samantha Jones Impression | Drewth or Dare

Drew Does Her Best Samantha Jones Impression | Drewth or Dare

Oh, honey!

Drew gets challenged to show us her best impression, and she attempts our favorite trans-Atlantic br
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Drewth or Dare

What Do Drew and Ross Sleep In? | Drewth or Dare


These past few years have been a considerable time for not getting out of your pajamas, but how many
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Ross Mathews

Doesn't Ross Look Beautiful in Red Lipstick? | Drewth or Dare

You don't want to miss this amazing reveal!!

An audience member dares Drew to put bright red lipstick on Ross, and, my goodness, does he have a n
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Drew & Ross

Drew and Ross Mathews on Their Most Random Purchases Ever | Drewth or Dare

Drew owns a headdress and even she doesn't know why.

Drew and Ross Mathews are challenged to reveal the truth during "Drewth or Dare," admitting to each
Drew & Ross Mathews

Drew Gets Dared to Send a Sexy Text to Ross Mathews' Fiancé | Drewth or Dare

Ross went full panic mode when Drew got a little naughty.

Things get a little spicy when Drew gets dared to send anything that she wants to Ross’s fiancé. Wha
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Drew and Audience Member

Drew Goes Head-to-Head in Staring Contest with a Daring Audience Member | Drewth or Dare

Drew's going to need some eye drops after this one!

It's time for another Drewth or Dare with Drew and Ross Mathews, and this time Drew has to have a st
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Audience Member and Drew

How Honest Should You Be with Your Significant Other? | Drewth or Dare

Ooof. That's a toughy.

Audience member John comes in hot with a tricky question. What do we do when we don’t love something
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Drew, Ross, and Audience Member

Audience Member Gets Grilled by Drew and Ross Mathews for Cash! | Pop Quiz

With a twist!!

Drew and Ross Mathews are not messing around when it comes to making sure our audience is staying al
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drew with magazine

Drew Reveals Magazine Cover and Gives VFFs $1000 Each

Lucky VFFs!

Thanks to Hy-Vee, all of the VFFs are going home with $500 worth of Flower Beauty products and
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Drew Barrymore

Drew Would Be Doing This If She Wasn't a Celebrity | The Big Goodbye

Honestly, we were not expecting that answer!

Drew answers a question from a VFF about what she would do if she wasn't the world-famous supe
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Drew Reveals Her Movie Role Regrets | The Big Goodbye

Her therapist had some opinions!

A VFF asks Drew if there's any movie role she wishes she took and her answer may surprise you!
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Food or cake?

Drew Cuts into a Bowl of Macaroni and Cheese...Cake? | The Big Goodbye

Is it real or is it cake??

Drew and Ross Mathews are blown away at the talent from Luke Vincenti's incredible cake creati
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Drew Surprises Audience with a Tasty Treat | The Big Goodbye

We're so jealous!!

Drew and Jersey Mike's are giving our VFF audience some delicious subs to celebrate Election D
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