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Jenny and Jason Biggs

Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen Bicker About Who's Been in the Worst Movie | Most Likely Drew

Can you say #couplegoals?!

Married duo Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen give each other superlatives based on who is the best chef,
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Kal Penn

Kal Penn and Ross Mathews Demand Better Food for White House Staffers | Rapid Fire

The actor also tells us about his favorite political movie!

Kal Penn is in the hot seat (pun intended) with Ross Mathews for Rapid Fire, where he reveals steamy
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Eitan Bernath Doesn't Let Trolls Affect Him: "Haters Pay the Bills" | Under the Influencer

Eitan launched into the spotlight when he was on Chopped at just 12-years-old!

Food influencer, and Drew Crew member, Eitan Bernath is in our Digital Hub to tell Drew how he's fou
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Dude with Sign

Seth Phillips on What He'd Be Doing If He Wasn't "Dude with Sign" | Under the Influencer

He's also sharing how he stumbled upon the viral concept!

Seth Phillips, also known on social media as Dude with Sign, sits down with Drew in our Digital Hub
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ZHC on Overcoming Shyness & Creating a Massive YouTube Following | Under the Influencer

We love ZHC!

Zach “ZHC” Hsieh has created a massive YouTube presence with over 22 million subscribers with his in
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Drew and Tika

Drew and Tika the Iggy Talk Staying Paw-sitive | Under the Influencer

Tika is so smart and a really good girl!

Tika The Iggy is one of the internet’s most adorable and influential Italian greyhounds, but what do
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Adam Rodriguez

Adam Rodriguez Says Matthew McConaughey Was Most Shirtless on Magic Mike Set | Most Likely Drew

He also confesses he might have been the worst at remembering the moves...

Adam Rodriguez is in the hot seat for our series Most Likely Drew to hand out some superlatives to h
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Ross and his brother

Ross Mathews and His Brother Eric Settle Who's Really the Favorite Child | Most Likely Drew

We love watching their sibling dynamic!

Ross Mathews and his brother Eric assign each other superlatives, like "Most Stylish" and "Funniest"
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Dionne Warwick and Tweets

Dionne Warwick Tells Jake Gyllenhaal to "Get a Grip"

All hail the Queen of Twitter!

Dionne Warwick, icon and Queen of Twitter, is backstage with The Drew Barrymore Show with all of her
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Tom Green

Tom Green Breaks Down Best Ways to Take an Eco-Friendly Road Trip | In the Green

Tom Green lived in a van for most of quarantine, so he's an expert!

Tom Green takes a minute to give great tips on how to treat the environment well while camping or ta
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annaleigh ashford rapid fire with ross

Annaleigh Ashford on How Jake Gyllenhaal Smells and Her Favorite Legally Blonde Quote | Rapid Fire

She also tells us the musical she'd love to star in!

"Impeachment: American Crime Story" actress Annaleigh Ashford sits in our digital hub to play Rapid
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Drew and Larray

Larray on Self-Love, Social Media, and Being Happy | Under the Influencer


We know Larri Merritt (Larray) is the king of TikTok and YouTube, but what about what happens when t
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Drew & Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris on His "Gentlemen’s Goop," Bad Gifts and Christmas Traditions | Tell the Drewth

Check out 8-Bit Christmas Streaming on HBO Max on November 24th!

The 21st century Renaissance man, Neil Patrick Harris, stops by to play a little hot seat holiday ed
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Air fryer and ZHC

Zach "ZHC" Hsieh Stole Drew's Air Fryer and Customized It!

Just when we thought Drew's air fryers couldn't get any more Beautiful!

Comic artist ZHC has taken on schools, hospitals and iPhones, but what about an air fryer??? Watch w
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Amy Sedaris

Amy Sedaris Reveals to Ross Mathews the One Skill She Wishes She Had | Rapid Fire

And she explains how waffle is a great name for a hamster...

Amy Sedaris is in the hot seat with Ross Mathews for our digital hub game show, Rapid Fire! She reve
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Jason Biggs and Ross Mathews

Jason Biggs Shares Just How Much Money He Has on Him | Rapid Fire with Ross

Ross Mathews grills the American Pie legend -- and maybe gets a nice lunch out of it?

Go to coffee order? Can he still eat pie? Jason Biggs steps up to the hot seat to answer some of Ros
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