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Dear Drew


Rajiv Surendra Teaches Drew How to Write Her Name in Calligraphy | Dear Drew

They're also reading letters from around the country!

Fellow letter-fanatic and calligraphy expert Rajiv Surendra joins Dear Drew to bond with our host ov
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Audience members and giveaways!

Drew Surprises Birthday Audience Members with Wild Presents

YOU get a massage chair! And YOU get a massage chair!

The Price Is Right model Devin Goda helps Drew give away a slew of birthday goodies for the 2/22-hav
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Martha Stewart on Achieving the Perfect Thirst Trap and Owning a U.S. Mail Truck | Dear Drew

Drew and Martha are reading some letters from you!

Martha Stewart joins Dear Drew to celebrate the beauty of mail and the two give their advice to Rach
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brooke shields and drew barrymore eat a donut

Drew and Brooke Shields Eat Donuts Together to Make a Fan Dream Come True | Dear Drew

You never know what can happen on Dear Drew!

In this summer edition, Drew reads a letter from a woman in California who had a dream about Brooke
Dear Drew
Rachel Montez Minor

Rachel Montez Minor on How Meditation Inspires Her | Motivational Minute

That's amazing!

Rachel Montez Minor explains how meditation led to her being open to new creative ideas and stories.
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Two Audience Member Sisters

Drew Manifests a Christmas Miracle with Two Audience Members

The power of thought meets the magic of Christmas!

A few weeks ago, two sisters from Milwaukee joined the audience and shared why they weren’t fans of
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Drew and audience member

Drew Gets Sentimental Answering a Holiday Audience Question | Drewth or Dare

Was not expecting the answer to be about mushrooms.

Drew reflects on her favorite Christmas ornament, and the answer was not quite what we expected!
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Drew, Ross, and Audience Member

What Should You Get Your In-Laws for Christmas? | Drew & A

And turns out Ross is a pro at naming cookies.

The audience asks Christmas PROFESSIONALS Drew and Ross Mathews some of their trickiest holiday conu
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Drew and tee shirt

Fan Gifts Drew Iconic T-Shirt Featuring Two of Her Most Popular Movies

"This scream really did change my life."

Drew opens some more mail from our fans, and this time it's an incredible mash-up T-shirt from two o
Dear Drew

Drew Gives a Fan's Personalized Drew's News Poem the Poetry Slam Treatment | Dear Drew

"It's Drew's News. You'll never get the blues"

Drew reads a poem from one of our VFFs who's a huge fan of our series Drew's News!  To write
Dear Drew
Marie Kondo

Drew Gushes Over Her Favorite Tip from Organizing Guru Marie Kondo | Dear Drew

Drew's always been Marie Kondo's #1 fan!

Drew's back behind her desk to read letters from you! This time, she gets mail from a VFF who wants
Dear Drew
Dear Drew

Drew Adds Her Signature to a Fan's Autograph Collection of Greats Like Carol Burnett | Dear Drew

Drew also shares a great tip about why you should always keep the jokers in your card deck!

In this week's digital Dear Drew, Drew gets a letter from a fan who's hoping she'll join their signe
Dear Drew
Dear Drew

Jonah Larson Donates Crocheted Coverlets to Former Art Teacher's Bingo Night | Dear Drew

Drew also hears from a small business in Ohio!

Drew's so excited for another Dear Drew where she reads a letter from a VFF who's in need of su
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Heidi Gardner

Heidi Gardner and Drew Donate $5,000 to Artist Struggling During the Pandemic | Dear Drew

Heidi also shares some fun facts about Kansas City!

Saturday Night Live actress Heidi Gardner joins Dear Drew to let us in on some cool facts about her
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Drew Helps a 64-Year-Old Buy Metal Detector to Enjoy Retirement | Dear Drew

One of our VFF's also surprises Drew with an amazing drawing!

Drew opens up mail from some of our amazing VFF's around the country, like a mother and daught
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Dear Drew

Drew Reveals the Reason She Chose to Play Josie in Never Been Kissed | Dear Drew

"We all have a little Josie Grossie inside of us," Drew said!

Drew opens some sweet letters and presents from our amazing VFFs, shares why she really wanted
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