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Dear Drew

Dear Drew

Jonah Larson Donates Crocheted Coverlets to Former Art Teacher's Bingo Night | Dear Drew

Drew also hears from a small business in Ohio!

Drew's so excited for another Dear Drew where she reads a letter from a VFF who's in need of su
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Heidi Gardner

Heidi Gardner and Drew Donate $5,000 to Artist Struggling During the Pandemic | Dear Drew

Heidi also shares some fun facts about Kansas City!

Saturday Night Live actress Heidi Gardner joins Dear Drew to let us in on some cool facts about her
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Drew Helps a 64-Year-Old Buy Metal Detector to Enjoy Retirement | Dear Drew

One of our VFF's also surprises Drew with an amazing drawing!

Drew opens up mail from some of our amazing VFF's around the country, like a mother and daught
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Dear Drew

Drew Reveals the Reason She Chose to Play Josie in Never Been Kissed | Dear Drew

"We all have a little Josie Grossie inside of us," Drew said!

Drew opens some sweet letters and presents from our amazing VFFs, shares why she really wanted
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Drew reading a letter

Dear Drew: How to Send a Letter to Drew Barrymore!

Dear Drew is a recurring segment where Drew opens letters from you!

Are you ready for a new pen pal?! Drew wants a handwritten letter from you! ...It's Dear Drew!
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Dear Drew

Drew Reveals How She Won Her Man Back Like a Rom-Com with a Love Letter | Dear Drew

She joked that they still broke up later on!

Drew's reading letters from across the country, including one from a viewer who got with her p
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Dear Drew

Drew Reveals the Kind of Mattress Famous People Sleep On | Dear Drew

We've been dying to know, but didn't want to ask!

Drew reads letters from her fans across the country, including one asking her to reveal what f
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Dear Drew logo with Drew

Dear Drew: Drew Grants a Birthday Wish and Pays a Medical Bill

Drew celebrates snail mail by reading and responding to handwritten fan letters!

Drew celebrates the zip code of the day (holler, Fort Meyers!) reads and responds to handwritt
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Drew wants a Hand-Written letter from you!

Are you ready for a new pen pal?!

Introducing...Dear Drew! If you've ever wondered what it's like to be Drew Barrymore's pen pal, now'
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