The Drew Barrymore Show Hits 2 Billion Views on GIPHY!

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You know how much Drew loves her GIFs...

To celebrate the exciting news that The Drew Barrymore Show hit 2 billion views on GIPHY, Drew rounded up her personal favorite Top 15 gifs she uses. If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to be in a group chat with Drew, here's your chance!


1. The perfect reaction to early mornings: 

Bugs Bunny


2. When you have a nerve-racking decision: 



3. And when things are going great: 

Starwars Dance


4. A GIF for saying hi to friends: 

Cowboy Swag


5. And when things don't make sense: 

Dog confused


6. When you're twinning with your friends: 

Guys Dancing


7. Or just this one: 

Cat Driving


8. For when the joke's too good: 

Guy laughing hard


9. When you finally agree on plans: 

Nodding Gif


10. Or when you're hard at work: 

Pink cat typing


11. And showing some love: 

Cat blowing kisses


12. The perfect paw-ty reaction: 



13. For when your crush texts back:



14. A GIF to have your cake and eat it too: 



15. And lastly - when you remember The Drew Barrymore Show Season 2 is coming soon!

Happy Dance