How to Jumpstart a Car

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Owner of the Wooster's Garage, Stephanie Stanke, gave these tips to Drew on how to jump start a car!

What's first? Make sure nothing loose hanging over engine, make sure connectors and wires are rust-free and shut off car and pop the hood!

Drew checking car

Connect your cables. It is important to connect the jumper cables to the correct battery terminals. The red connector will clamp to the positive battery post and the black connector will connect to the negative battery post. You should see a plus symbol for the positive post and a negative symbol for the negative post.

Double check your connections. Check to make sure that all the jumper cables clamps are secure!

jumper cables

Turn on your jump starter, the battery with the cables attached!

Try to start the dead vehicle: make the first attempt immediately. If the car starts, great! Let the car run for a few minutes then turn off the jump starter. Carefully remove the negative cable, and then the positive cable.

Drew in a car