Garden Marcus' Seed Planting and Plant Zone Tips!

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TikTok's foremost expert in gardening shares your plant tips!

You may recognize him from TikTok, but Marcus, TikTok's gardening icon, is ready to spill his favorite planting tips so that you can grow the garden of your dreams!

Marcus says the resources you have are varied in different parts of the country, so there are different zones where certain plants can grow better.

Map of US

Marcus believes that to know a lot about gardening means you’ve tried and failed at it many different times but learned from those failures, and planting in the proper zones is a part of that. Marcus usually suggests that people start with seedlings and plants, and experienced gardeners can embrace planting seeds.

In the Houston area, where Marcus is, you can grow:

Zone Map Houston


In Los Angeles, you can grow:

LA food map


In the New York City area, where Drew is, you can grow:

NYC map

Exciting news! There are also lots of wonderful plants to care for indoors regardless of location and season, like pothos, philodendron, snake plant, and ZZ plant!

Get gardening!