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Get Drew's best recommendations on her faves to wear, watch, read, eat, visit, and more ...It's Drew's Yellow Book!

Drew's Little Yellow Book is Drew's personal guide on her favorite things to wear, watch, read, see, eat, buy, listen to, and more -- picked just for you! Time to take a look at Drew's Little Yellow Book... (Listed in no particular order...because they are ALL awesome!)

DREW Magazine 

Drew Magazine


Extra, extra, read all about it! Drew couldn’t let this week pass without giving a little shout-out to DREW, her print magazine! If you’re looking for a good read packed with recipes, crossword puzzles, and the best beauty tips, your Drew-topia is here…and we know you’ll dig the cover girl. Snag a copy hot off the presses!


FLOWER Beauty Petal Pout Lip Scrub

Flower Beauty Petal Pout Lip Scrub

Drew loves making her lips smoother and softer, so she devised a product that does the trick! Drew's own FLOWER Beauty Petal Pout Lip Scrub will take your lips to new heights with its nourishing gentle buff. The scrub rejuvenates dry lips to make them moisturized (and kissable)! Plus, it's passionfruit flavored, so you'll taste delicious! This product is truly a skin staple for Drew - she throws one in a pocket of each jacket! Soften your skin and get ultra-smooth lips with Drew's sweet Petal Pout Lip Scrub.


Moon Juice Milk Cleanse

Moon Juice Cleanser

Love the skin you’re in! Drew prioritizes skincare and always makes sure to use high-quality products that she trusts. Moon Juice Milk Cleanser helps clean, nourish, and rejuvenate Drew's skin to ensure that it can take on the world. Spread a little love to your skin.


Framar Hair Clips

Framar Hair Clips

These alligator clips are a permanent staple in Drew’s beauty routine. Use them while styling your hair, working out, or any activity where you may need a strong hold on your mane! Plus, the adorable colors will have you smiling every time you catch yourself in the mirror.


Betty Buzz

Betty Buzz

Let’s get it poppin’! We're buzzing about Betty Buzz, Blake Lively's new mouthwatering non-alcoholic drink line made with clean ingredients! There's a juicy flavor for every craving, AND you can drink Betty Buzz solo or use it as a mixer - it's that versatile! Drew and Ross Mathews taste tested the bubbly non-booze while Drew shared a bubbly note that Blake personally wrote to her!


Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Kiehl's Eye Treatement

It’s now more important than ever to treat our bodies, minds and spirits right.  Rejuvenate your gorgeous face with Kiehl’s hydrating avocado eye treatment. It de-puffs, brightens, and protects the skin…and Drew can’t get enough! Drew swears the cream removes signs of fatigue around the eye to have you looking refreshed and de-stressed. Have a moment of Zen from the skin to within.  


Flamingo Women’s Razor


Drew loves rocking smooth legs in a sun dress. Flamingo Razors are Drew’s go-to for “a really close, really comfortable shave” [Flamingo]. The razor technology incorporates multiple blades, “a 360° comfort system to help protect skin from irritation,” a hinge, and a weighted ergonomic handle (made with partially recycled plastic). Treat yourself to this shave upgrade.


Yin-care® Herbal Wash

Yin Care

Scrub-a-dub-dub! Foam it up with Drew's favorite herbal soap! The herbs, essential oils, and soothing scent will sprinkle your skin with a splash of calm! Drew loves the wash because it eases any skin issues (and makes skincare a party)!


Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask

Joanna Vargas

If there’s anything we learned from this year, it’s that it’s important to practice self care and treat yourself. Drew swears by the Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask to give her skin the extra kick it needs to look and feel refreshed. The company says that the mask ”magically combines chemical and physical exfoliation to refine skin tone and unveil a brighter complexion.” Add this must-have to your skincare routine, stat! Then, rest, relax, rejuvenate, and rejoice! You know you deserve it. 



Talk Space

Drew believes that therapy should be available and accessible for all. Therapy is an important way to get a non-biased perspective to improve your mind, body, spirit and relationships. Talkspace is an online platform to talk to a therapist instantly. 


RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek

RMS Lip2Cheek

Drew’s got the magic wand to get your cheeks looking juicy and glowy. This smooth shade gives your lips and cheeks a pop of fresh, healthy color instantly! Drew LOVES a multi-purpose product – it gives your look a lift on-the-go!


School of Life Emotional Barometer

School of Life

Drew loves diving deeper into her self-understanding and leans on The School of Life to expand her mind. The Emotional Barometer is a tool to help us express how we really feel when someone asks us "How are you?" It's important to check in with yourself to make sure you are caring for yourself as your body and mind needs each individual day. The Emotional Barometer helps us be more honest with ourselves and improve our relationship with ourselves and others.


FLOWER Beauty Ionic Travel Dryer

FLOWER Beauty Dryer

When it comes to hair, Drew has tried everything. Every cut, color -- you name it. Thanks to all of her trial and error, Drew has become a wise hair wizard. For a sprinkle of Drew’s hair magic, snag one of Drew's FLOWER Hair Tools Ionic Travel Hair Dryers! The hairdryers come in all sorts of funky colors so your home (and hair) will burst with life!

Drew uses FLOWER Hair Tools to get glam for The Drew Barrymore Show, so you've already seen the tools in action.


Sahari Stoneware Berry Baskets


Our homes reflect our mental peace, so Drew makes a point to creates blissful, serene moments in every room of her house. One of her favorite ways to incorporate small bursts of joy is through Sahari berry baskets. Use them in the kitchen to show off your sweet berry snacks, or put them in any room of the house for a quirky joyful container!


Goe All-Over Body Oil

Goe Oil

Let’s get moisturized! Drew loves Goe’s hydrating oil. It’s made with plant, fruit, and flower oils including jojoba, mango, pumpkin seed, avocado. Drew slathers it on to every inch of her body for nourishment and soft skin. (Plus, her good friend Gwyneth recommends it on goop, so that’s two votes for Goe!)