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Get Drew's best weekly recommendations on her favs to wear, watch, read, eat, visit, and more...It's Drew's Yellow Book!

Drew's Little Yellow Book is Drew's personal guide on her favorite things to wear, watch, read, see, eat, buy, listen to, and more -- picked just for you! Time to take a look at Drew's Little Yellow Book... (Listed in no particular order...because they are ALL awesome!)


Jessica Alba's Honest Company Clean Vibes Kit

cleaning kit

Scrub-a-dub-dub! Drew prioritizes environmentally conscious products in her home and constantly strives to reduce her waste footprint. With Honest’s Clean Vibes Kit, you can have clean hands and a clean conscience. She loves this all-in-one bundle (in Pomelo scent) made up of three empty spray bottles, refills, a reusable towel, and a palo santo stick “for the good vibes” - sent to you in reduced waste packaging.

Clean up your act here.


Bissell SpotClean Pro 

Spotclean pro


Bissell’s SpotClean Pro might be one of Drew’s favorite items in her home. Drew famously loves to get stains out, and she persists even through the toughest situations. Her partner-in-clean, the SpotClean Pro, works as an incredible powerful spot and stain remover that will undoubtedly take the surfaces in your home to the next level!

Clean up your act here.


Decluttr App

decluttr app

Decluttr App is about to become your new best friend. Sell the junk you have in your home with the help of this app, including CDs, DVDs, and more! It’s the perfect app to Marie Kondo your life and make sure everything you own sparks joy. Drew and Ross raved about the app in Drew’s News this week!

Get your life in gear here.


Hay Crates 

Hay Creates

One thing that is constantly on Drew’s mind is the organizational teachings of Marie Kondo. Thanks to Marie, Drew finds joy in organizing, and these deliciously adorable hay crates are her go-to! Plus, adding bright colors to your life makes each day brighter, more optimistic, and more you! From the office to the bathroom to the playroom, declutter your home (and your mind in the process)! Your home’s newest pop of color is here to save the day.

Get your organization in gear here. 


Stoney Clover Lane Customizable Pouches

Stoney Clover Lane Customizable

Drew and her daughters can't get enough of Stoney Clover Lane's customizable pouches. Sprinkle your favorite words, initials, or fun patch decals on the pouches via their website! It's sweet, stylish confetti that you help create!

Spice up your purse game here.


Tiblue Reusable Bags

Tiblue bags

To help move our planet in a more positive direction, Drew knows that it’s important to constantly seek products that help individuals reduce our impact on the environment. In particular, reusable alternatives to disposable plastic are necessary to incorporate into our daily lives. Drew’s latest find is Tiblue Reusable storage bags (to replace your disposable sandwich bags!). They are durable, leak-proof, waste-reducing and can handle food, cosmetics, or whatever else you need bags for!

Bag better here.


The Home Edit Divided Lazy Susan 

All Purpose Lazy Susan

This Susan is anything but lazy. It’s here to rescue your cabinets and level-up your organization! The wizards at the Home Edit (yes, those organizing queens!) dreamed up the sweetest carousel to help consolidate your kitchen condiments, organize your office supplies, and triangulate your toiletries!

Drew sprinkles these around her home to ensure that no products get stuck in the back of a cabinet.

Grab a Lazy Susan (or two or three!) here.


Goldenrod Wire Storage Baskets w/ Handles

Goldenrod Wire Storage Baskets with Handles


The color yellow has been scientifically proven to be mood-boosting (exhibit A), so what better way to inject some positivity into your day than incorporating a pop of instant sunshine in your home!

Drew creates golden moments in every room of her home. One of her favorite ways to incorporate the color is through these sweet storage baskets from the Container Store. They can truly be used in any room of the house for any purpose, and wherever they are, tones of yellow rays of sunshine radiate from them -- guaranteed!

Brighten up your life with these baskets.


The Home Edit Workbook

The Home Edit Workbook

The Home Edit’s Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin wrote The Home Edit Workbook to help you with your organizational goals! The “challenges” in the book are easy and doable to make organizing less overwhelming! As the book promises, “Clea and Joanna are here to help you home edit your life and keep it that way.”

Bonus: The Home Edit ladies shared hot tips with Drew on the show this week

Ignite your home here.


iDesign Cosmetic Organizer

Makeup Organizer

This iDesign Cosmetic Organizer is here to level-up your organization! Drew sprinkles these around her bathroom to ensure that no products get stuck in the back of a cabinet.

Cozy up your cosmetics here.


Dreft Laundry Stain Remover

Dreft Laundry Stain Remover

Drew calls Dreft, a laundry stain removal spray, her “best friend and eternal lover” - so you know it’s good! Drew discovered the plant-based product when she had her daughters, and she swears by its ability to work magic on stains to make them disappear! It’s her #1 rec and her “gold standard.” Drew discussed her love for Dreft on the show this week -- plus, see it in action as she stans the cleaning solution during this stain segment, too!

Get that stain out, right now!


Peggy Wall Hooks

Peggy Wall Hooks

Drew uses these hooks for absolutely ev. ery. thing. Towels, purses, a big ol’ key ring -- you name it! It’s simple, super strong, and easy on your walls.

You’ll be hooked here.


Clean Cult Soap Pump Bottle

Clean Cult Soap Pump Bottle

Drew prioritizes environmentally conscious design in her home. She loves this reusable soap pump bottle, which is sleek, shatter-resistant and slip-free!

Clean up your act here.


Marie Kondo x Container Store

Marie Kondo

One thing that is constantly on Drew’s mind is the organizational teachings of Marie Kondo. And now that Marie has teamed up with The Container Store to create 100 new joy-sparking products, you can use her as inspiration to style every room of your home, too! From the office to the bathroom, and even in the fridge, declutter your home (and your mind in the process)!

Get organized here.


TrueSeal® Round Glass Food Storage with Mineral Blue Lids

TrueSeal® Round Glass Food Storage with Mineral Blue Lids

Anchor Hocking’s TrueSeal Glass Food Storage prevents spills and leaks with their BPA-free, dishwasher-safe lid. Drew appreciates the premium materials of Anchor’s food storage containers, as she prioritizes quality of materials she uses in her home, especially with her young children. Plus, the Anchor Hocking storage is funky yet functional, which is the name of the game for Drew who constantly makes sure to balance style with practicality!

Get classy and glassy in your kitchen with Anchor Hocking.


BLUELAND Dish Soap Starter Set



Scrub-a-dub-dub! Funk up your dish washing with BLUELAND Powder Dish Soap! It foams up once it comes in contact with water and can clean dishware, glassware, porcelain, and even silver! Drew loves the powder because it makes dishwashing a party. Plus, if you wanna convince kids dishwashing can be fun, the powder feels like a cool science experiment!

Drew tries to use less plastic and reduce her waste footprint, and BLUELAND has found a way to reduce plastic use with their products.

How it works:

  • BLUELAND ships you a forever(!) bottle
  • Fill the bottle with water
  • Drop in one of the soap tabs
  • Time to get those dishes clean!

It's that easy! Now you can have clean hands and a clean conscience. Plus, they’ve got dish soaps, detergent, cleaning sprays and more!

Don't wait to pop open this bubbly! Check out BLUELAND's Dish Soap Starter Set here.


Kiehl's Liquid Soap


Handwashing is more important than ever, so why not make it a party?! While you're singing the chorus to Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" to make sure you're washing your hands for a full 30 seconds, be sure to foam it up with Drew's favorite juicy-scented grapefruit soap! The perky scent will sprinkle your day with a splash of sweet citrus!

Lather up with the good stuff here.


Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Eau De Toilette Spray

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Eau De Toilette Spray, Unisex Perfume

Scents can define our moods, moments, and memories. Drew keeps Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Eau De Toilette Spray around her at all times - always ready for a spritz of the comforting - yet sexy -scent.

According to Escentric Molecules, their Molecule 01 spray consists of a molecule that "hovers close to the skin to create an indefinable aura round the wearer." Escentric Molecules insists that it's a mysterious scent that comes and goes, surprising your nostrils as you move around and release its subtle, cozy, sensual power. The unisex scent consists of cedarwood and velvety notes.

Spray your way to a sweet new scent here.


Duct Tape

Duct Tape

If you don't rock with duct tape, you're not livin'! Drew truly wishes she could use duct tape for everything and considers it a staple in her household. Fix furniture, a shoe's sole, a pool floatie... or even make a duct tape wallet like the good ol' days!

Make sure you're ready for anything with Drew's go-to duct tape.


KonMari Wall Organizer

Wall Organizer

Drew believes that all roads lead back to Kondo…and Marie Kondo’s canvas wall organizers will show you the way.

These stylish-yet-sensible containers are a must-have for home organization. Whether you use them in the kitchen, the playroom or the garage, the possibilities are endless! 

Kween Kondo is THE expert, and these incredibly helpful KonMari organizers are bound to spark joy and just plain take that load off once you have a new, chic place to put your go-to items (or just clean up that darn mess)!

Get your organization on the Marie Kondo way.


TUSHY Premium Toilet Stool

Tushy stool

Let's face it. Pooping is one of the central parts of our lives, and we rarely talk about it. However, TUSHY did all the work for us, by finding a comfortable way to help us all ~live our best lives~ ...on the toilet. TUSHY calls their product a "tool for your stool," and it provides a stylish yet comfortable way to "keep things flowing" and get down with your bad self in the bathroom. It’s also a real wakeup call to realize there is proper alignment, and that our bodies were made to function a certain way for optimal results.

Check out their Ottoman and find out how you can get more cushion for your pushin' tush(...in).


Stasher Bags

stasher starter kit

Why can't organizing be fun?! Drew relies on these sleek, spunky, and sturdy Stasher Bags as an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic single-use bags. They'll brighten your life and are good for the planet and the soul.

Get on a new level of eco-friendly living here.


BAGGU Reusable Bags

BAGGU Reusable Bags

Drew mindfully incorporates eco-conscious products into her life daily, constantly finding ways to reduce her personal environmental impact. This year, Drew made a commitment to reduce her plastic use, and one way she loves to shop now is with a BAGGU Reusable Bag! The bags are reliable, handy, and ready for any adventure!

Carry it all here.


Public Goods Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls - Public Goods

Drew is on a constant quest to find more environmentally-friendly alternatives for everyday objects in her home. One way Drew has upgraded her laundry game to show her love for the earth is through wool dryer balls -- a dryer sheet substitute!

According to Public Goods, the benefits of these ball are:

  • "Cost-effective compared to dryer sheets
  • Reduce energy used by helping clothes dry 20-30% faster
  • Made of naturally sourced, non-toxic materials, unlike plastic dryer balls
  • Can be reused up to 1,000 loads of laundry
  • Reduce static electricity build-up in the dryer
  • Once used up, they can be composted at home or in municipal facilities
  • Often comes in a cotton bag that can also be reused and composted"

Wool you or won't you? Snag yours here.


Instead Lawn Care

Instead Lawn Care

You already heard Drew gush about Instead Lawn Care on the show this week... and Drew wants to shout about the company from the rooftops! Drew calls this natural lawn care brand a "life saver" to easily transform a lawn -- in an eco-friendly way! (Drew even joked on the show that she begged the company to partner up with her...It's THAT good!)

Get your lawn ON here.