Drew's Little Book of Small Businesses Gift Guide - Season 2

Shopping & Beauty

Drew curates her favorite list of groovy, funky, helpful, joyous gifts from small businesses and incredible creators that are perfect for your family and friends year-round!

The Brooklyn Banana Bread Co.

Brooklyn Banana Bread Company

Sean Reynolds started the Brooklyn Banana Bread Company out of a desire to show gratitude to frontline workers during COVID-19. Seeing how harshly impacted healthcare & essential workers were, Reynolds took his mom's banana bread recipe and created a business with the goal of donating banana bread to local communities across the country. 
Not only is his mom's banana bread a hit, but he's been able to donate hundreds of loaves to communities in and around the NYC area and beyond. 




Letters in Ink (Rajiv Surendra)

Calligraphy pen drawing of fish

Kevin G from Mean Girls IRL is Rajiv Surendra who now brings beautiful handmade art to life using his unique lettering techniques. Rajiv is skilled in pen, chalk, stamp design, and more! Plus, he joined Drew at the Dear Drew desk for a special edition of Dear Drew!


 Serenity Nail Polish (Jasmine and Serenity Phinex)

Serenity Nail Polish
  • Hometown Location: New York City, NY
  • Known for: Providing all children and adults access to a safer, healthier, chemical-free nail polish option
  • Virtual Storehttps://serenitynailpolish.com/
  • Social Support: Facebook 

Drew meets Jasmine, James and Serenity Phinex, a family who created an entire nail polish line during the pandemic! And you thought your sourdough breadmaking skills were cool. 


 Jam+Rico (Lisette Scott)

Jam+Rico Jewelry

Lisette Scott's incredible jewelry line speaks to Drew as Lisette intertwines a personal connection into each design. For Pop Quiz Week, Drew and Ross quiz audience member Lisette Scott for a chance to win time in the Money Booth!


 Baking Mama (Tina Rivera)

Drew, Tina Rivera, Ross Mathews

Drew met a special audience member Tina Rivera, learned about her incredible baked goods business, and wants to shout about it from the rooftops! In December 2015, Tina opened Baking Mama and prioritizes quality, patience, passion, faith, and a dash of creativity! Tina's biggest sellers is her macaroon selection: Salted Caramel, Lemon, Maple Bacon, and Pistachio. 


La Principal

La Principal Tacos

Drew met Karla Arenas Valenti, the author of "Loteria," who recommended local Hispanic-owned business, La Principal, to our guide! This taqueria makes Karla feel like she's back at home in Mexico. La Principal has homemade tortillas, amazing tacos, and yummy crunchy-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside churros. (You can even dip the churros in melted hot chocolate!) As Drew would say, "Nom nom nom!"





 Cookie Momster (Timanee Olsen)

Cookie Momster
  • Hometown Location: Idaho
  • Known for: The Best Cookies in Town
  • Social Support: Facebook

Idaho mom, Timanee Olsen, was struggling last December to make ends meet when she posted a picture of her iced ugly sweater cookies on Facebook. Her community fell in LOVE with her designs, and she quickly got countless orders pouring in! Now, Timanee has a blooming baking business that has brought so much joy to its customers. Drew is obsessed with and inspired by this mothers' adorable cookie designs.