Drew's Detroit News Tee Raises $70K for Charity!

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Drew's Detroit News tee shirt is raising money for a special cause!

In honor of the premiere of The Drew Barrymore Show, Drew was featured on the cover of InStyle magazine. Typically, highlighting designer clothing on a cover is a way for magazines to make money through advertising and revenue. However, Drew got to break the rules and wear a vintage tee shirt featuring an old school "Detroit News" advertisement from her personal collection! The Detroit News reacted by reprinting the vintage tee that Drew wore on the cover on InStyle magazine for anyone else wanting the look, with proceeds going to a good cause!

Proceeds from the tee go to the Rosa L. Parks Scholarship Foundation to support Detroit-area high school seniors as they head to college. As of right now, the shirts have raised more than $70K for the foundation!


Get your own throwback Detroit News tee now! (It comes in 3 colors!)