Chef Wilson Tang Joins Drew's Cookbook Club!

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As part of Drew's Cookbook Club series, Wilson Tang shares one of his favorite cookbooks!

Welcome to Drew's Cookbook Club!

As a passionate cookbook collector, Drew reads at least three cookbooks a week, cover-to-cover, because inside every good cookbook, she believes, there’s a recipe that will truly change your life. In this series, Drew shares her favorite recipes, tips and stories from cookbooks in her personal collection. Wilson Tang stops by to share his pick for Drew's Cookbook Club and celebrate cookbooks!

Wilson Tang left a career in finance, after escaping the Twin Towers as a 9/11 survivor, and inherited Nom Wah Tea Parlor from his uncle Wally. His uncle moved up from a dishwasher to cook, to waiter, and eventually owner. He is a first-generation American, who against his family’s expectations went with his true calling of being in the restaurant industry. Nom Wah Tea Parlor just celebrated 100 years in business and has just released The Nom Wah Cookbook which Drew has highlighted on the show and LOVES to cook from.

Pick up your copy here!

Wilson also shared his cookbook recommendation with Drew: Serving New York, a compilation of recipes from New York restaurants created to offer aid to the industry workers who were affected financially by the pandemic. You can find the book here!

Wilson made time to share a favorite recipe with Drew, too. Follow along as he teaches her to make Pork and Shrimp Dumplings for the first time!