A Few of the Many Reasons We Love Lonnie Chavis

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From This Is Us to having a clothing line, what can't he do!

Drew is so thrilled that Lonnie Chavis stopped by the show, we're taking a look at some of the many reasons we love the 13-year-old's talent and heart! 


1. He's brought us to tears with his portrayal of young Randall on the hit TV show This Is Us.

2. He hosts Fix Your Heart TV, a show that aims to give others inspiration on how to be a kinder human. 

3. He's starring in The Water Man with some of our favorites like David Oyelowo and Rosario Dawson. 

Drew Barrymore

4. He runs his own clothing line with a positive message. A portion of the proceeds also goes towards helping stop bullying and promoting "fair treatment for all people."

5. Last but certainly not least, he brightened up our day when he stopped by our show!


You can watch his full appearance above!